sunrise-spiritualized life


“When the earth and the people are ravaged and the animals and plants are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, faiths, creeds, knowledges and wisdom, and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green, full of love, compassion, kindness, forgiveness and spiritual again. They will be known as the Warriors of the Rainbow.” (Rainbowguardian)


My spiritualized life!

Been born in 1971.

I Had my first peek into the spirit world at 3 years of age and an otherwise rough magical childhood.

Smoked my first splif in 1988, whence I had a fantastic laughing time and afterwards i had some mystical and spiritual experiences and an otherwise rough turmoiled youth.

Because I loved and still love music, though my angels advised me to consume music first, i started to learn the guitar first, with the desire to impress people.

A little later in life after some magical experiences, I looked for a creative expression of that all, myself, for my love of music, the arts, writing and the people, and i tried to find a true expression of my experiences, and more experiences on a vision quest through the world.

While I travelled through Mexico, i went to Huautla de Jimenez, because i read about this magical mushroom village, from where the famous mushroom healer Maria Sabina stemmed, and after arriving there, i was led to a local known Mazatek Holy Mushroom curandera.

I had some problems with hair loss, and after  she asked me a few times to join a holy mushroom velada which I refused, i later asked the healer myself for a Velada.

During this holy ceremony I saw a black devilishlike spirit.

The next day after the ceremony I asked her about this demon, when she answered, that she don’t know or don’t understand, because her spanish and mine where not too good. She also told me, that i am a curandero too, because she saw three Angelitos, each sitting on top of my shoulders and on my head.

After years of pondering the devil mystery, I learned back in germany where i saw a guy with a black but peaceful aura, that it was not THE devil which i saw in the Velada, but the spirit of a person that turned away from love-light-god and became darkened, because it cast the light-love out of his aura (soul) and body. I also found out that this darkness is a kind of spiritual and psychological disease.

So in Mexico I got interested in the healing arts, but still was drawn to music and arts, which made me been torn between these two professions.

Tripping further through central america, i landed in a rainbow gathering in Guatemala on lake Atitlan.

During a weeklong stay on the chinese full moon new years gathering in mid february, on a warm evening at the central fire I took a toke from a pure splif and started trippin’. I went away from the fire towards a high peak over the lake to relax myself, whence i felt an urge to stop by a pile of stones that looked like a little pyramid from which a green San Pedro like cactus was growing of. Staring at the cactus, it started to transform into a green ghostman, that wanted to draw me with his mighty power into a dark abyss. I had to fight real hard to draw myself away from this frightening power ghost. Hurrying back to the community oven fire, where a talk about was happening, I sat with the other guys around the fire, still feeling the power ghost trying to draw me back to the little stonepyramid into the blackness. Sitting there at the ovenfire, really afraid, I started since a long time a second first sincere prayerquestion and said: “Jesus, if you really exist, please help me!” Suddenly I felt more calm and more secure and felt a strange presence behind me. Curiously i turned around and realized that Jesus had materialized behind my back in a beige robe with long hair and a beard. I could feel and see his fleshly presence! I swallowed and turned back to the fire, starting to feel bad again and quickly turned my head around again to look after Jesus and acknowledged disappointed that he had dematerialized and disappeared again.

After these experiences I travelled further on, to the solstice festivities in Chiapas. During my stay in Chichen-Itza, i had my first healer experience, where i channeled energy into the root chakra of a japanese woman on the pyramids.

I travelled further to Palenque, where I took some Holy Mushrooms. I hiked through the jungle up the mountain to the Pyramids. During this trip i was led by a mysterious hidden guide to encounter the astral-light-love-god on a little peak over a stream. It was a onmicoulour light shining through a round gate that showed me that everyone has gods light and love in themselves, and I later also learned that everything is made from this light and love and therefore spirited. I wanted to stare into this light on and on, and after it rose up into the skies I wanted to see it again and again, and so i tried a black magic trick from Carlos Castaneda’s books, in order to summon god, wich made me fall on my head. I didn’t know than that it was black magic which I only learned later in life. Proceduring the move I fell backwards on my head, i injured it and probably lost my “little soul” (according to peruvian shamans). From there on I went on a wild “psychotic” freedom ride adventure through Mexico and the United States until Germany.

Later in Germany, while rearranging myself with the help of my then girlfriend, other friends, hash and beer and without the aid of neuroleptics, I asked the Universe and God, after a long ride through heavens and hells, fantastic sights and unbelievable abysses for advice and got the name slowtemple for a music project. Whilst listening to the song “Starlight” by Lou Reed and John Cale from the album “Songs For Drella”, I played with the words and put the first letters from the words of the chorus line,

(s)tar (l)ight  (o)pen  (w)ide,

together to the word slow, asked for an extension to that name and got the answer, temple.

So I found my project name “slowtemple”.

Not knowing what to do with my life, I tried to re-enter the system starting a multimedia designer scholarship.

Trying to find answers for my life and seeing god again, I took some more mushrooms at home. The next day in school, still a little high from the previous day, i leaned against an open window and looked outside into the sky and for the first time in my life i saw some silver flying energy disk space ships. Shortly after this experience I had a nervous breakdown and went to the looneybin. After weeks of taking neuroleptics and sobering out, I sat on the balcony of the ward and had a ciggi smoke in the evening. Staring seekingly and calm into the starry night sky, a golden flying light captured my attention, and I thought, “…oh what a nice airplane”. I looked at the light some more moments and realized that it was pretty tiny and flew a perfect straight line across the night sky, without that trembling I was used to airplanes. I reconsidered my first thought and pondered awefully that it could maybe be a spaceship, whence I started to wave friendly at the light. It immediately stopped in the night sky and floated on a spot in the sky, when I sensed that they were checking me out. Then suddenly there seemed to open up a gate from which a growing golden light shone a huge beam of golden light on me, surrounded me and began to lift me up in the night sky towards the spaceship. I became excited and during my flight towards the spaceship, the astral bodies of Castaneda black magic sorcerers suddenly appeared at my side and with forceful power turned my head away from the spaceship. The aliens aborted the upbeaming because I knew they thought that i was afraid, and because they don’t want to scare or hurt nobody.

Later on I had many crazy magical and wild experiences and visions, like maybe flying energy people materializing before me, meeting lucifer, hells being summoned upon me, experiencing pure divine love, everlasting cleansing sadness and the highest joy/bliss, and a lot of other crazy stuff……..

Now, years passing, the time has come to publish my music and my gathered info and knowledge, and I hope you like it, because the music somehow express the feelings i have from and towards the world, and like the american indigenous say, it is time that an old warrior is telling his tribe his gathered heart songs and gathered information and knowledge.

Now I started this blog, to put my flowing ideas, philosophies, thoughts, mediations and visions into words, arts and music, in order to not go crazier, maybe somehow inspire and give ideas to others, discuss said ideas and publish my and others spiritualized music, info and knowledge!

The music was solely fantasized, in order to elevate the listener!

Greetings in the name of Jah Rastafari (or whatever you like to call her/him/it), everliving, ever clear, ever sure, ever peaceful, all loving, all merciful!


Everybody (!) is special and possesses their own medicine/talent/mission/uniqueness they can act out given by the almighty! Supported by http://www.near-death.com , by my experiences in life and, my angels and my medicine wo/men i met in the Americas!


Robi “Angelovechildlikesoul” Smrdelj


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