Democratic Anarchism (A rainbow dream) versus democratic dictatorship

rainbow gathering main circle

Maybe a “democratic anarchistic” world community/society, like in temporary communities at rainbow gatherings of the rainbow family of living light (successors of the hippy movement), a social system, based on discussing and rearranging a “law”, or better a “guidance”, derived from natural/cosmic/spiritual/divine “rules”, untill everybody of the whole community or at least who’s present at the council, is satisfied with it and approves that “rule” or “guidance”, keeping it as simple as possible and as close as possible to the source (not too many rules)  (similar to archaic society forms where everybody has a say and merely “relys”(!) on the opinion of mentors/authorities) in order to not fall back into spiritless destructive chaos, and without being dependent on “leaders” and “governments” and them imposing their personnel opinion and “conscience” on “laws”, is very much better than a “democratic parliamentary dictatorship”, where in the worst case, a, by a little majority elected, parliament/government, which is only dependent on their own “conscience” and opinion, and in the least case depends on people’s opinions, “dictates”/imposes, with the help of the little majority of the parliament, “laws”, that are obligatory for the whole of the people, and doesn’t represent the will of the whole people, but mostly the will of the government and their “influencers”, sometimes merely only the will of a minority of the people, and oftentimes the will of capitalist lobbyists, this you can actually refer to, as a “democratic dictatorship”.
In this day and age, for larger communities like the earth, the internet could be a good tool for an “anarchistic democratic” consensus process, where everybody could discuss “laws”/”rules”/”guidances”, rearrange them, untill a consensus is found, keeping it as simple as possible and as close as possible to the source (not too many rules) (maybe law scholars as mentors/authorities to assist), in order to not fall back in spiritless destructive chaos, and finally, without the help of “governments” and “leaders” and their capitalist lobbyists, and without them imposing their personal opinion and “conscience” on these “laws” and on the whole community (earth), the people could approve (vote) for theses “laws” and put them into work, which everybody could be happy with.
Of course there would still exist law enforcement (shanti sena) and “public” (?) courts.

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