Schizophrenia, Cannabis and Tao

psy - hallucination vision

What is “schizophrenia”?

Is it (hearing voices, having visions or other extraordinary perceptions and thought constructs), like my voices (spirits/angels) told me, a gift from God (Tao), in order to mediate between the worlds?
Or is it, like, mostly atheistic (believing in the Mensch-Maschine-View) psychiatrists lately claim, a malfunction of the brain, when actually brain researchers found out, that while hallucinating (without the aid of “drugs”), the exactly same brain regions as in normal perception are active (consider quantum entanglement), and thereby dismiss the concept of a feeling sick or weak soul (psyche), deriving from a spiritual crisis?

So now, psychiatrists also claim, that the psychoactive compound THC of Cannabis induces a “psychotic” (sickness of soul) state of consciousness, while psychonauts on the other hand claim, that it induces a psychedelic (bringing forth the soul) state of mind!

Bringing forth the soul and experiencing/perceiving otherworldly stuff, can have two sides (like in Tao), positive and irie thoughts/experiences/perceptions/feelings, as well as negative ones, and are directly linked with the momentary state of the soul (positive soul/positive experiences or weak or negative soul/distorted experiences) and outer occurrences/influences (see below) (sometimes even from ideas of others, books, movies, music, prose, fine arts or other media), also regarding the interconnectedness of oneself to the universe and each other (thought forms/quantum entanglement, gravitational waves, feelings/energy vibrations [electromagnetism/induction], bioluminescence [quantum entanglement], air, water, and matter, etc.) and so influencing each other.

There’s also another compound of Cannabis, namely CBD, that completes the Tao cycle, when it calms anxiousness, relaxes and counteracts (researchers found out that CBD can act as an “antipsychotic”) the effects of THC and its psychedelic/”psychotic” inductions (lets one think/contemplate better).

Is “schizophrenia” therefore a feeling negative, sick or weak soul brought forth, and experiencing with it connected negative other-worlds and beings, and on the other hand, if your feeling sane, happy and strong soul experiences with it connected blissful other-worlds and beings?
And is the sensitivity of “psychos” a property, that allows them of sensing the spirit world easier then normal people?
Is this a kind of enlightenment situation? (actually opening the third eye or ear, etc. or opening to the cosmic mind).

Is the conclusion, that everybody can connect to the spirit/tao/god-world, using Mary Jane or other psychoactive plants, cacti and mushrooms, and it was therefore criminalized by the “satanists”, because they don’t want to have it “….like in heaven so may it be on earth…”? (the psychoactive active components actually resemble neurotransmitters, and so shouldn’t be regarded as inducing an unnatural state of consciousness, when some spiritual practitioners also can achieve such states through natural means) (also the dopamine theory of schizophrenia is at least doubtable, because how should a possible overspill of only one neurotransmitter be responsible for such complex perceptions and states of consciousness and thought constructs, when actually whole brain areas and neurotransmitter coactions are responsible for perception, thinking and feeling, and dopamine overspills don’t happen seldom [just think of a very delicious meal you maybe had {dopamin is reward neurotransmitter that also works on memorys}]; even if brainscans or neurtransmitter imbalances would indicate extraordinary states of consciousness, it doesn’t say that this (neurtransmitter imbalances) might be the cause of theses extrordinary states or are simply maybe the outcome of such states and therefor no reason to pathologize such states)
(A quote by Dr. John Grohol a doctor of psychology: “First, let’s tackle the whole ‘chemical imbalance’ theory that underlines the serotonin [and other neurotransmitters] theory of depression [and other so called “mental illnesses”]. In order for us to suggest an imbalance in anything, we’d have to understand what a perfectly balanced brain looks like. To date, no study or researcher has been able to show such a brain. It’s likely because it doesn’t exist.”)

So if the otherworldly stuff some are hallucinating is just made of some energy quanta that through mind filter reduction (special sensitivity of “psychos”) and quantum entanglement gets perceived, maybe we could transform the word hallucinating into clairperceivance.

Buddha would maybe say, go find your own answer!

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