Holographic Universe, self-similarity and the Multiverse

Molecular Thoughts-Holographic Universe

If the self-imaging principle of this holographic universe and out of a self-similarity of parallel universes (many worlds theory) can be applied to the spirit/god plane (out of the observer [observer defines a quantum state] theory at quantum leap inflation creation), then maybe multiverses are only self-similar to each other because the fecundity philosophy principle (everything possible wants to exist) lets other universes be different and at the same time similar to ours and not everything can exist in this universe and needs different environments (physics?) to exist, so other realities/universes, and with the eternity/infinity theory also maybe impossible multiverses possibly exist. (while dreaming i visited another multiverse that was a little different, they had schools but tought different physics and there were growing massive amounts of mushrooms on the lawns)

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