Let’s assume there’s realy a meaning behind everything, maybe god exists, maybe god is love and loves us and therfor sent his masters to show us his love?
But why does god love us? Is love the meaning, and if so, who progammed it into god? And why did the programmer itself cared about that, and the programmer of the programmer, etc…..?
Is there a meaning behind love as a meaning? Why do we or god actually care?
Maybe the only meaning is to smoke MJ, so that we get careless and realize that nothing’s actually important and life overvalued?

But what’s the rason for that or the meaning behind all that.
You subscribe a meaning to some things maybe also love, but you don’t know if there’s a meaning behid that alleged meaning.
Nde’ers say the meaning of life and death and all is just pure unconditional love, but why? What’s the rason that it is so?

Is the meaning of all that it has no meaning, is it a yin yang principle and therfor taoism the only realistic philosophy?


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