View From A Nihilist Peak


Is everything maya, including enlightenment, the all mighty, love, suffering, etc., or is everything real, or is it both, so that tao is real or is that also just maya. So what is actually important? life? love? the little things? Or are they also just overvalued? Am i now just seeking/craving for attention? Should i kill myself? Does it actually matter what you do?
Is the now/the moment important, since maybe the memebers of your favourite band will decease one day ,and in the next life don’t come back? Is it programmed by the allmighty/the universe into us to enjoy the positive and discard the negative? What would be if the negative would be the desirable?
Maybe shiva can fock me in the ass to get enlightened?
I’m probably just seeking for attention and am self indulgent.
Waitin’ for the man/godot that would bring me some dr feel good but never comes!?
My angels say they love me any which way.
Baba Ram Dass says that enlightenment takes time and probably wont come in one lifetime. Is that a bullshit attitude by baba?
Maybe it’s not over yet?
Is the higher self already enlightened?
Then what’s the use of the self itself or the lower self (subconsciousness?)?
Maybe it’s like Douglas Adams said in one of his books that enlightenment is useless, because if somebeody groks the meaning of the all-and-all, that it instantly changes its meaning and has then a completely new meaning? So is the search for enlightenment meaningless and futile?
Maybe we just all sit on the porch and love each other?

Tibetan buddhists say that the basis for enlightenment and madness is the same.

Forgive, forget and allow!


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