Is the all-and-all a little more feminine then masculine?

feminine all-and-all

Let’s begin from a small scale:
Each cell has “motors” called mitochondria, which were once bacteria. Even sperm cells have them. But when they gain entrance into an egg, the egg makes sure the “motor” stays outside with the propeller, because the “motor” has about 37 genes of its own, and the genes in the “motor” of the egg are selfish. Can’t have any disputes going on 😉 .
So humans and other beings, and with it males, seem to have a feminine (gene-wise) impact. So according to the holograhic principle, also the universe and the god/desses might be very feminine, also regarding the property of giving birth (creating)!
That also might explain man boobs!

Robi “Angelovechildlikesoul” Smrdelj.

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