Regarding healing

traditional healer

In Huautla de Jimenez, i heard of Curandera/os, which healed HIV, Cancer, Shortsightedness, Psychological Strains and other severe illnesses with the help of the Ninos Santos (Holy Mushrooms (psilocybin/psilocin)).
The Curandera i met also heard voices and had visions, and it was told, that she could see Auras.
I also saw Spiritual Healers heal Allergies and uneven legs.
One healer witnessed, that if she wouldn’t be mentored by another healer, she surely would have ended up in looneybin, due to the nightly visions she had.
One healer i met in Guate told me that she had to be picked by a mentor among others, because the mentor had either signs with her, or could see her talent for healing.
So the feeling of being “a chosen one” in “psychos” is not uncalled-for.
My Curandera in Huautla also saw three Angelitos each on my shoulder and on my head, which were a sign for her, that i’m a healer too.

So far for healing and “psychos”.

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