Actions against bad “voices” and “entities” if they bother you (bad spirits and astral bodies of evil sorcerers) and aids against black magic attacks


-Love and talk to/with these entities and discuss in a peaceful way, why they are bothering you and if they could stop with that.
-If they are evil and still torture you just for the fun of it, and won’t stop, you could take are more aggressive stance and forcefully shout at them to leave or grip them with your hands and tear them apart
-If these approaches didn’t help, you can talk/pray to your personal guardian angel/s and ask them to help/guide you driving them away
-Ask Jesus, or some or all the other avatars like Shiva or Buddha or Mohammed or King David etc…, for help to fight your enemy
-Last but not least thing you can do is, ask God to stop the situation if it is too much for you
(If the spiritual forces won’t help you, it maybe is an indicator for you, that they maybe want you to find out, how you can help yourself)

-Eat and spill some salt around you.
-Eat garlic
-Wear black clothes
-Make a tobacco sacrifice in the direction you feel is the emergency.
-Sprinkle some water in the direction you feel is the emergency.
-Drink a cold beer, cold coca cola or cold mineral water.
-Shower or take a bath with warm or fresh water, depending on what your body desires and what feels best at the moment.
-Light some incense and candles and smoke a ciggie or CBD-hemp.
-A prayer.
-When you’re smoking a ciggie or a (whatever) splif, blow the smoke in all 7 sacred directions, left (west), right (east), in front of you (north), backward (south), up (sky), down (earth), and finally into the spirit/astrar/divine world (wherever you feel it is)
-A good protection necklace ideally would be a silver cross with turquoise stones!

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