Big bang etc.

football-stadium-light time

If there was a big bang from a singularity it should have been infinitely hot inside the singularity (singularity similar to a mass/energy black hole singularity) and not cold (maybe just outside) because of a (maybe not existing) outside void (where is that void existing (!) anyway), but that doesn’t allow for the existence of anything (see tract about nothingness and infinity). So if a singularity or a quantum leap and its inflation were surrounded by some absolute zero coldness quantum matrix does that mean there could at anytime be a quantum leap inflation creation scenario and therefore creation in full action motion (what does that say about absolute zero temperature?). So if the hotness in singularity or a quantum leap inflation gets cooled down (out of missing energy ), maybe the universe comes to a stop one day, but because of a maybe infinite quantum leap inflation creation the universe expands infinitely, but because of a maybe infinite energy and mass of a photon (or maybe quantum entanglement force) at infinite speed (see (Over) Lightspeed) the universe always was infinite or is infinitely expanding and therefore never cooling down therefor quantum matrix.
If we imagine our universe being infinite what does that say about multiverses and the connection of our universe to other multiverses?
If in (infinite over) lightspeed exists no time and in nothingness mass and energy of light is zero so there exists nothing so also no time, so is nothingness equal to infinity, or does in nothingness exist the opposite of no time namely infinite time, so exists infinity,  which actually again means, the same as no time (see concept of relativistic time).

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