Crown (seventh) chakra
Connection to God
Protection and Guidance
omni color

Forehead (sixth) chakra
Connection to the Spirit/world (Angel chakra)
Third eye
purple color

Throat (fifth) chakra:
Prophet chakra
Speaking of prophetic words
blue color

Lung/Heart (fourth) chakra
Love/Soul chakra
Burning Love
green color

Sun/Heart (third) chakra
World/People/Love chakra
Love/Sympathy/Connection to the world/people/cosmos
yellow/golden color

Bladder (second) chakra
Spiritual orgasm chakra
Physical moving/work
orange color

Base/root (first) chakra
Root to the earth
Grounding and physical love-making
red color

Most part of the known and also chakras is some sort of energy or condensed energy, but there’s a level of supernatural reality that’s consciousness and spirit, and I don’t know if that is much of worldly energy, but maybe something totally different!

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