ALL-and-ALL the mystery


Am I ALL-and-ALL?
I’m just reflecting parts of ALL-and-ALL, and ALL-and-ALL is reflecting parts of me! And i’m just a tiny fraction of the ALL!
I got the info that there could be things unimaginable!
I saw a picture of a world totally alien and it was a picture because they thought me not understanding it in whole or not having enough of that world in me to reflect or enter! So there you go!
This is a dualistic/non-dualistic world, but maybe there are worlds like saqure root of unimaginable! And see, Jesus he was the avatar of love, and Buddha the avatar of wisdom/enlightenment and them reflecting these special aspects, so methinks everybody is not the same so reflecting its personal self-aspects of ALL-and-ALL, so everybody is unique and special, but not the ALL-and-ALL, God would miss me if I would be destroyed or not existent but god (ALL-AND-ALL) wouldn’t be destroyed therefor, so that’s why the picture of the good Shepard!

Mysticism is some kind of experiencing the unimaginable not ever understandable secret of ALL-and-ALL and bowing and shivering in awe/reverence before the great mystery, which also can be found in little things like we say here in Germany, she has that certain something!

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