angel-evil multiverse

Is this multiversal ir/reality evil or a war/chaos/struggle/hellish ir/reality, when you consider all beings here on earth struggle/fight one way or the other with sicknesses or nature (brutal eat or be eaten ir/reality) or other means of daily life and a holographic principle refers that to the whole multiverse?
Is this light love god, that reincarnates into all, evil (Yehovah – Lucifer angel of light), when you consider that love also can hurt (e.g. demons/dark beings [ see ]) when too much (clinging) or not enough.
Or hate does hurt the “good”!
I had this thought/vision that maybe an evil entity had to be cast out of a purely good multiverse alone into this isolated hellish prison/hell multiverse where it reincarnates from eternities of eternities as some kind of punishment to look into his own evil eye!
But as maybe the holographic principle might grip and forgiveness is part of this or a greater ir/reality, maybe, but just maybe, this entity will be forgiven one day or maybe not?
Is the answer to love/embrace everything also evil?
But in this act evil becoming accepted and still living on?

Future Medicine

For clogged arteries

You could put something like a tiny tunnel drilling machine at the end of a flexible endoscope and scrub and grind the concretions of the wands of arteries.

For caries

You could find an enzyme produced by genetically manipulated cells, that binds to specifically chemically altered and specifically chemically newly composed enamel molecules and sections of the, through caries bacteria chemically altered and destroyed, dental enamel molecules. After applying and the enzymes sectioning of the destroyed dental enamel, you could simply flush it away and apply some dental filling (maybe artificial dental enamel).

For comminuted fractures

Somehow stabilize the comminuted bone fractured limb in an inflatable cushion form, and with injecting some of the new organic tissue gluing glue in the bone space, let it heal and bind the comminuted bone fractures. After the bone healing, you could, with an operation, smooth the wands of the bone/glue conglomerate, if some fractured pieces are scrubbing against the muscles.

For gallbladder stones

You could use the same ultrasound apparatus as with kidney stones, just turn around the patient towards the ultrasound shooting probe or shoot the ultrasound from above.


It can’t be other than that in ancient times, the first chosen ones (witches, shamans and healers) were instructed by the spirit world, that the plants could talk/communicate with them, and the plants than telling the chosen ones of their healing properties, so that herb wisdom could be build up, and the witches, shamans and healers could heal with the aid of them plants, if the personal healing powers weren’t sufficient or needed support.

fly-agaric-The Flux and The Corrective

If everything is relative or in a flux, what is the corrective (fluxcompensator 😉 ) of the all-and-all, what changes the almighty, the all-and-all, the Tao, the evolution? Is it an outside force, though the all-and-all encompasses even that, is it the abstract, the unknown, the unfathomable unnameable, is it chaosmagic though it should also be part of the al-and-all, and does it change also itself and the source of all-and-all and maybe the inversion of being, etc. Is it like nde’ers said like god creating the universe in a violent outburst, that some kind of unknown violent source from the almighty something abstract mystical unfathomable unnamemable is the corrective, driving force of the flux, like if we must rub against each other, or like water washing the stones, to become beautiful like yooperlites.

Bowing down,

Robi Smrdelj (Rainbowguardian)!


Do not blindly believe what others say or write or project onto you!
See, feel, hear and think for yourself,
without fear of death and with humbleness towards god allmighty,
what makes sense and brings contentment, clarity, peace, love and light!
That should be the path for you to follow!

girl-white lie

Maybe some things that are stated philosophically, spiritually or in real life should be interpreted, like i learned from for sacred texts (interpretation receiving through prayers and meditation), or like i learned for statements from little children and people (interpretation through empathy, intuition and “fantasizing” the truth), who don’t want to tell the real truth, because they’re afraid of badmouthing/psychical punishment and psychical/physical pain therefrom, but decipher it in metaphors and white lies to save themselves from badmouthing.