Visions, Voices, Feelings, and Thoughts

fire-Visions, Voices, Feelings and Thoughts

“All Delusion is political statement, and all madmen are political dissidents.


Necromancers and “Psychos”

I had a vision of Jesus Christ, when he was tempted by Satan and was led onto a mountain, that this devil actually was a necromancer, that had black magic powers and belonged to a secret society of necromancers, who ruled and still rule the world through black magic powers, and then tempted Jesus with power over the world.

In this day and age, the sorcerers still fight “psychos”, personally with black magic and demons, and with their newest trick, through science, namely psychiatry, because so-called “psychos” are chosen by/and have gifts from God, which could threaten the necromancer’s power over the world, and therefore they either try to destroy them, or pull them on their side.

I personally know of a psychiatry university professor who is a member of the Freemasons.

Jesus led by Satan on a mountain


I think the vegans to be pretentious, arguing that plants are not sentient beings, when I myself experienced one night in my home village in Croatia the plants vibrating in a white light, that gave me the impression that they have a soul, and so I concluded they could also be sentient, not in the traditional way of nerves and a brain, but in their own special unique way.
So if vegans want to be really politically correct in not hurting living beings, leaves them only the option in being fruitarians.
The other possibility is to eat a balanced diet, also meat, and keep it as the American indigenous people and give thanks to the living being getting killed and feeding oneself and apologizing for their lives being lost.


Thinking of

If you think of somebody, your spirit or your mind might get connected to the spirit or the mind of the person you’re thinking of, and that might lead to the other person thinking of you, or possibly to telepathic communication!


Angels said

Everybody has a place in the multiverse and in the multi-dimensions/-realities of afterlife.


Short while

The angels told me, that the money system will be still needed for a short while so that the working class people will get their reward for their work, and feel good about their work.

angel says

My Angels told me,

that hearing voices and having visions, is a gift from God!

Gift from God


The shortest path, sometimes is not the best path!


God, eternity/infinity and the immortal astral light

In my encounter/vision with/of God, I was revealed, that god put its light into everybody and (later I learned also in) everything that was created.
So in the light of eternity/infinity, is there something like the highest/god, or is everything equally precious, and therefore the saint as equal as the germ as equal as the sinner as equal as god?

Though in this light, everything is also special, because of the light of God, spiritual age, intensity of spiritual vibration and some darkness, that through re/incarnations was laid upon us through the Tao/Jehovah (the jealous creator god, that was conceived through light and darkness [see gnosis]), so that everything is only distinguishable through its karma, its spiritual age, intensity of spiritual vibration and the special missions that everybody/the all-and-all has towards enlightenment of the darkness, that doesn’t exist because it is Maya (even in the darkest dark, there can be found some shimmering light even if it may not be perceived), and that the all-and-all gets enlightened by love and light.
Is it like the Hindus say, that God is dancing an eternal dance with itself to enlighten itself?

Is eternity/infinity equal to god equal to the immortal astral light?

astral-traveler-astral light
astral-traveler-astral light


On all paths where love can be found, also god can be found.


God, Maya, and Tao

The Tao is yin and yang, the opposites, good and evil, light and darkness, etc., so the almighty is everything/the all-and-all and is especially light and love but also darkness and who knows what else, and created Tao for this multiverse, especially for newly born/created souls, which (tao) is Maya/illusion, because when i realised/perceived that everything, also the night, is flooded with astral light, and also evil can lead finally to good things, and everything is fed by love, and also the dark beings in dark realms, are also fed by soft astral love light, otherwise they wouldn’t exist, so the almighty let tao (which is Maya/illusion) exist, so that everything can, through experiencing love and light and darkness/evil, especially newly born souls, elevate and learn better ways than evil ways, and finally find to the almighty eternal astral love peace light!


Reality – Fantasy

Could it even be that our fantasies, dreams, and thoughts, are some, or can become some reality in some other dimension or in a parallel universe or in some other multiverse or another “reality”? For example, could there exist a multiverse where the physical laws are such, that there really exists a disc world?
If God is a dreamer or thinker, and all its thoughts which can become our thoughts or vice versa, manifest in a multiverse or “reality”, there could exist multiverses with totally different laws of physics or maybe no physics at all, maybe only total spiritual realities!
Because the diversity of existence maybe wants to exits somehow, somewhere. (Maybe everything possible is allowed to exist somehow somewhere -> fecundity principle).
(please regard the interconnectedness of everything through different means and my tract about nothing/ness)

astronomy Reality - Fantasy
astronomy Reality – Fantasy


Is astrology the knowledge about our close celestial objects, the ancient ones were instructed by the spirit world, that everything is in a harmonically dance connected with gravitational waves and quantum entanglement and who knows what else together, so that the stars they perceived for astrology are representative of the cosmos are connected with human beings (s.a.) and the spirit world (because they all interact together through the forces, so represent the forces of the entire cosmos, and therefore are like angels that are representatives of god), if the spirit world has a somehow supernatural connection to this universe (s. “A proposition regarding creation”) and is also in a harmonically dance with the cosmos, so that everything interacts with/influences each other, and so could read the spiritual state of persons from the celestial constellations.


Tao and so on

If the fathomless Tao is the source of all, what created the Tao and what created that creator, and on and on?
You could philosophize about that endlessly.
Lets’s say infinity/eternity is just there to enjoy it, so let’s get out on the balcony under the night sky and have a beer or a coffee or a ciggie or a splif or a glass of water, and let the all-and-all guide you and let the spirit flow through you, and enjoy the night.


Jesus and capitalism

Either Jesus was a socialist, a godly anarchist or both.

Two examples from the Bible:

Matthew 6:24
“No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.”
That said, implies, since Jesus was promoting a turning towards God, that one should turn away from money (capitalism) towards God.

Matthew 6:10
Lords prayer
“Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”
Do you think there’s money in (astral) heaven? Do you think you can pay your entrance into (astral) paradise (or earthly heaven) with some (astral) dollars (the Greeks actually symbolically paid entrance to the underworld with their obolus in mouth at the funeral), like a disco, and buy your (astral) food with (astral) dollars? Just look at NDE’ers, none of the new prophets mentions the existence of money in (astral) heaven (or earthly paradise), especially regarding the fact that it’s supposed to be the most splendid and loving, counter to moneys known negative properties’, astral paradise (or earthly heaven) and you shouldn’t have to work really hard in earthly paradise (or astral heaven) in order to earn money for earthly heaven (or most splendid astral paradise) for your (astral) food (also look at the American indigenous, they have/had no money), it doesn’t say as on capitalist earth so may it be in astral heavens, it means heaven (loving unity) should be on earth!


Evolution – Angel

If according to near-death-experiencers, the evolutionary step from ape to human beings was made through human souls influencing the ape creatures and merging with them, is the next step in evolution if according to NDE’ers and my own experience angels are guiding our paths, the step to loving angelic beings (unconditional love) and merge with them, and then further to energetic god-like infinite beings?

Evolution – Angel

Final Step in Evolution?

Is the final step in evolution to be a love/energy/thought form uniting with Brahma/tao and be whatever you like and materialize, be an energy being or a dream or like the wind blowing on a desert planet or just reincarnate as a child of love -> eternity/infinity.

Final Step?

Darkness – Light

Let us take off the weapons of darkness, and put on the works of light!

The one who saves oneself saves the whole world!

Weed shows you the truth. Beer gives you strength.

Whoever has eyes to see, let them see

silhouette-Darkness - Light
silhouette-Darkness – Light

Future Medicine

I had a vision of future medicine, where the surgeons performed operations with energy/electromagnetic instruments not physically invading the body.

Future Medicine

The power structures of black magic secret societies

I had a vision of the “top dogs” of the hierarchy of the black magic power/system. They are maybe three people assembling the top of the power hierarchy (maybe there’s even one “über top dog”). Their three-man society has probably no name but is controlling all the other black magic secret societies, with a top black magic secret society, which has its fingers in the other secret societies. I once owned a book called “Encyclopaedia of secret knowledge“, where lots of them and their structures and rituals etc. were described. You will be chosen for a society, if they see fit, especially if you’re in the money, military, industrial or political business. But there are also the good light secret societies, which are working for God, and which you can enter, and learn from, like the Rosicrucians or maybe Golden Dawn etc. So if you’re in the money, military, industrial or politics business, you’re prone to get recruited possibly by the Freemasons, who seem to be harmless and only for business connection purposes, and are the bottom of the pyramid, but are infiltrated by other black magic societies, from where the real decisions are passed down and indoctrinated into other secret societies and their members. Why do you think they are all secret (!) societies, because they have got something to hide, and that is not reconnaissance, peace and freedom like it was in the 18th and 19th century. I know a little of the admission ritual of the Freemasons: They have to swear on the bible regardless of their religion, to never talk about any secrets of their society and are threatened with death. Symbolically the ritual leader puts a pair of compasses to the novices throat, and says, that it gonna pierce their throats if they ever talk about their secrets. The different secret societies manipulate their members with black magic, sex, money, giving power and drugs. Their top motto is “Divide and conquer”.
Their members which are top dogs of the society pass the power from money to politics to military, police, and courts.

Two examples:

Trader of the BBC says Eurozone Market will Crash BBC News Version

Angelina Jolie – Illuminati Confession

Before the Beginning of All Times and Creation (Suffering)

Is the lore of Lucifer (He was so arrogant that he put himself above god) and the other (his followers) fallen angels in connection with the “Fall from Grace” lore of the Bible, not literally but in a figurative sense, somehow true, and that before the beginning of all times and creation, there was maybe a totally blissful and exclusively spiritual reality/existance, where none of the spiritual beings had to suffer, but the tree of knowledge (a metaphor for) god’s possibility of evil and suffering stood there, to show the possibility and to remind the angels how it could be if they bit from the fruit, and god knowing the angels being part of god could not withstand, and so also seeking for selfenlightenment about its weakness regarding its infinit/eternal properties, and Lucifer did something so unbelievable evil (metaphor (so that we don’t get scared too much) of biting the fruit), that it culminated in such massive pain for all involved parties, that god had to create multiverses in a violent outburst (metaphor of giving birth in pain), and incarnating humans and other beings and allowing for evil and suffering, so that they subconsciously always remember the downfall, and making the beings learn that love and non-suffering shouldn’t be abused, and in that connection god getting enlightened about itself?

Fall from Grace


Can somebody, who can’t forgive, be forgiven?
NDE’ers say, if you ask God for forgiveness you will be forgiven, but you shouldn’t repeat the same mistake.
But if you can’t forgive others, you probably can’t forgive yourself, and in that light can’t accept forgiveness from others and god, and that probably means that you “won’t” be forgiven.


New heavens and a new earth interpretation and the Christian fundamentalists

“But based on his promise, we wait for new heavens and a new earth, where righteousness dwells.” (2 Peter 3:13)
The interpretation of this verse is that after a possible armageddon (big cleansing (last big war) according to the Hopi) (caused by satan/the system) the rainbow people (Genesis 9:16 -17, “The bow will be in the clouds, and I will look at it and remember the permanent covenant between God and all the living creatures on earth. God said to Noah, “This is the sign of the covenant that I have established between me and every creature on earth.”) shall rebuild (When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds, and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. They will be known as the warriors of the Rainbow — Old Native American Prophecy) with the help of Jesus and God the earth and heavens into a utopia and not according to fundamentalist Christians, God snipping with his fingers magically builds a new heaven and earth, so that they can treat the earth arbitrary.

new heavens new earth
new heavens new earth

The Chosen Ones

I always think, that maybe the American indigenous people (Indians) are chosen people of God.

raramuris-The Chosen Ones
The Chosen Ones


If God is everything (like the Hindus say), then it’s also the rapist, the child molester, the atheist, Adolf Hitler, and of course the victim itself, etc. Some NDE’ers and Baba Ram Dass say, that sometimes even rape or murder is inevitable and part of karma action, as you pick some situations and the outcome before birth!

Isaiah 45:7 “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.”

One might think that god may be a kid that does whatever falls into his mind out of arbitrariness, but where does god has its ideas from or is that some wicked plan?

But the Angels told me that the human aspect of the infinite eternal all-knowing principle that is called the almighty, likes surprises and to surprise itself and therefore grants free will and therefore exist secrets and the corrective (also implanted into creation/humans) correcting even the Almighty.
I know because god and I laughed really hard about some jokes god and I made. If he would know them before (all-knowing) he probably wouldn’t have laughed that hard!

Black magicians and Religion

Sometimes I think that religions either were made, supported by black magicians, or if they were pure, that the black magicians were manipulating either the transcription of the scriptures or the spoken word in order to keep control over the masses, by inserting little pieces of their agenda.

church-black magic
church-black magic

“The sickness that cannot be healed” (Bible)

God/the angels told me that even “The sickness that cannot be healed” (Bible) can be healed through (Gods) love!


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