Spiritualized Philosophy

sunset-Spiritualized Philosophy

“Our greatest blessings come to us by way of madness, provided the madness is given us by divine gift”

What is normal?

The distinction of normality begins with simple things like, do you drink your beer out of the bottle, or do you pour your beer into a glass and drink from the glass, or simply do you drink beer at all!

Gauss’ Normal Distribution and Free Will

Is the cosmic background radiation/the white noise random?
Could it be used to create random numbers?
Therefore is the nature of the multiverse (interconnectedness principle) random?
Is the existence of the universe random, or does it, due to the holographic principle and the normal distribution, fall into a certain probability?
And the randomness maybe applies to parallel universes or multiverses and some single aspects of the universe?
Normally, due to the stochastic nature of radiation, it should fall into Gauss’ normal distribution of stochastic with a normal random exception of it.
Could you now somehow compare that to free will and determinism, according to the holographic universe paradigm?
Like a part of your life is determined by the wishes you made before birth (see http://www.near-death.com) (resembling Gauss’ normal distribution) and the other part of your life you can choose free will (resembling randomness within Gauss’ normal distribution)!

Objective versus Subjective Reality

Reductionist science says there should be an objective reality, a reality that is homogenous to everybody existing in this universe.
But objective reality includes randomness (e.g. randomness of radioactive decay), and maybe so has a randomness in influencing how we perceive reality (=subjective reality), and also objective reality has an invisible part (we perceive only a fraction of the existing frequencies/smells/sensations/etc. of the real world), and a multiplicity of realities out of a possibly nonexistent void (regard spiritualized science), that could influence our perception, imagination and thoughts according to Quantum entanglement etc., so forms subjective reality and interacts with objective reality (Quantum entanglement, etc.)., whereas subjective and objective realities alter each other (Quantum entanglement, etc.).
Therefore objective and subjective reality dissolve into one another, and you could say that there’s no distinction between objective and subjective reality, and therefore everything is somehow real that we perceive and think (at least maybe in some other dimension, parallel universe, multiverse or reality)!


I can imagine that there could exist an almost indescribable reality, which is composed of pure abstract thought form, but not composed of this-worldly energy nor science like structures, like the fathomless Tao (maybe God’s mind?), that somehow materializes in some multiverse.

Reality – Fantasy

Could it even be that our fantasies, dreams, and thoughts, are some, or can become some reality in some other dimension or in a parallel universe or in some other multiverse? For example, could there exist a multiverse where the physical laws are such, that there really exists a disc world?
If God is a dreamer or thinker, and all its thoughts which can become our thoughts or vice versa, manifest in a multiverse, there could exist multiverses with totally different laws of physics or maybe no physics at all, maybe only total spiritual realities!
Because the diversity of existence maybe wants to exits somehow, somewhere. (Maybe everything possible is allowed to exist somehow somewhere -> fecundity principle).
(please regard the interconnectedness of everything through different means and my tract about nothing/ness)

Tao and so on

If the fathomless Tao is the source of all, what created the Tao and what created that creator, and on and on?
You could philosophize about that endlessly.
Lets’s say infinity/eternity is just there to enjoy it, so let’s get out on the balcony under the night sky and have a beer or a coffee or a splif or a ciggie or a glass of water, and let the all-and-all guide and let the spirit flow throug you, and enjoy the night.


Maybe some things that are stated philosophically, spiritually or in real life should be interpreted, like I learned from http://www.near-death.com for sacred texts (interpretation receiving through prayers and meditation), or like I learned for statements from little children and people (interpretation through empathy, intuition and “fantasizing” the truth), who don’t want to tell the real truth, because they’re afraid of badmouthing/psychical punishment and psychical/physical pain therefrom, but decipher it in metaphors and white lies to save themselves from badmouthing.

Ego versus self-importance

I don’t know if ego can be related to a sense of self-importance, since self-importance can have a component of humbleness in my opinion, since you know that according to nde’ers, everybody is precious and important and loved by the almighty and the angels and the holies, and everybody has a special mission, so a component of humbleness might accompany such a feeling in my experience, but ego maybe something different, maybe putting oneself always in the first place.

Perfection and Imperfection

If we never could reach an ultimate high state of being, including its absolute perfection, because you can always head for higher states of being (see the concept of infinity) and more perfection.
Are we therefore all already perfect per se, because we are all part of the all-and-all, and is the all-and-all perfect in itself, because it includes the “perfection” as well as the “imperfection”, and of course us perfect/imperfect people (love people, animal people, human people, angel people, stone/earth people, fire/water/air people, plant people, bacteria people, virus people, etc…..). ❤

Society and “Psychosis”

So is the polarity and the possible out of it following being-torn-between the identification-based poles of a human being, the one pole, the longing for self-development, self-fulfillment and self-awareness (enlightenment), derived from an evolutionary relevant ego (survival instinct), that remained in some as some lower levels of degenerative ego states of un-awareness (wild animal me), because of simply refusing or not-recognizing other life-concept-possibilities, than the ego-centeredness, and the other pole, a longing for an identification with a greater purpose, community or maybe a unified consciousness (spiritualized cosmic mind consciousness), another evolutionary concept (herd/group instinct), a possible source for the psychical disease of human beings, as a part of sick societies, or a so-called “schizophrenic society” in a mass “psychosis” (loss of spirit).

Capitalism and the Disease Paradigm of “Psychosis”

Do you think that because the majority of people consider the capitalist fascist democratic system to be the right one, it really is the wisdom of the last word? Analogously, do you only believe that the majority of psychiatrists and people who believe that a psychosocial disease paradigm of “psychosis” that is born out of a capitalist fascist democratic world view is right in the end is the right one?

Atheist viewpoint

Ok, let’s go before hominids, let’s say apes. They probably created a simple “moral” system of not injuring each other, because injuring damages the body and is not beneficial for the herd as a connected collective regarding survival, which depends on the health of each other, and that damage is registered as nerve impulses that create a painful feeling in the brain. It’s registered as a negative feeling that hinders survival but what or who or why do we have that instinct for survival (from).
There’s no logical reason for the survival instinct and a fear of death if one dies from natural cause!
Maybe we should go back further and look at hunger pain as a survival pusher, let’s say amoebae or one-cellers.
Did they feel pain when not enough food was around? Why should anyone strive for survival other than pain, and if hunger pain pushed for survival and the fear of death, why did apes fear death, since then probably nobody knew what comes after death?
Did they realize observing their dead relatives that after death there’s maybe nothing left?
Did they strive for immortality, though they also observed death from old age?
Where they irrational?
Did the amoebae realize there’s maybe nothing after death, and if there wasn’t anything after death, why should they long for survival, joy of living? ego?
What programmed a joy for living in us?
Positive feelings of the amoebae of getting nutrition?
There comes again the question of survival into the game, etc.!
Where’s the logical reason for simple creatures for a survival instinct?

Maybe logic is a fallacy, but if it is correct, what or who tells us that it is of reality?


Maybe the survival instinct derives from the notion of a not fulfilled heavenly mission (compare to stories in http://www.near-death.com ), and the urge to fulfill said mission?

Atheists and Afterlife

Atheists say something like, that God and the afterlife are illusions and a crutch for those about to die or those who can’t stand the thought of personal, final, irrevocable extinction. Cowards, in other words.

But I say:
I think that atheists are the real cowards taking refuge in an extinction, because they are afraid to meet such principles as infinity, and eternity, and the afterlife, and with that, not taking responsibility for their lives, and facing their personal karma.

Is the all-and-all a little more feminine than masculine?

Let’s begin from a small scale:
Each cell has “motors” called mitochondria, which were once bacteria. Even sperm cells have them. But when they gain entrance into an egg, the egg makes sure the “motor” stays outside with the propeller, because the “motor” has about 37 genes of its own, and the genes in the “motor” of the egg are selfish. Can’t have any disputes going on;-).
So humans and other beings, and with it, males, seem to have a feminine (gene-wise) impact. So according to the holographic principle, also the universe and the gods/goddesses might be very feminine, also regarding the property of giving birth (creating)!
That also might explain man boobs!

View From A Nihilist Peak

Is everything Maya, including enlightenment, the all mighty, love, suffering, etc., or is everything real, or is it both, so that tao is real or is that also just may. So what is actually important? life? love? the little things? Or are they also just overvalued? Am I now just seeking/craving for attention? Should I kill myself? Does it actually matter what you do?
Is the now/the moment important, since maybe the members of your favorite band will decease one day, and in the next life don’t come back? Is it programmed by the almighty/the universe into us to enjoy the positive and discard the negative? What would be if the negative would be desirable?
Maybe Shiva can fock me in the ass to get enlightened?
I’m probably just seeking attention and am self-indulgent.
Waitin’ for the man/Godot that would bring me some dr feel good but never comes!?
My angels say they love me any which way.
Baba Ram Dass says that enlightenment takes time and probably won’t come in one lifetime. Is that a bullshit attitude by baba?
Maybe it’s not over yet?
Is the higher self already enlightened?
Then what’s the use of the self itself or the lower self (subconsciousness?)?
Maybe it’s like Douglas Adams said in one of his books that enlightenment is useless, because if somebody groks the meaning of the all-and-all, that it instantly changes its meaning and has then a completely new meaning? So is the search for enlightenment meaningless and futile?
Maybe we just all sit on the porch and love each other?

Tibetan Buddhists say that the basis for enlightenment and madness is the same.

Forgive, forget and allow!

Black Magic

If you consider force and control and power over situations or people or dreams or whatever, may it be in supernatural ways or other, as I experienced it by others, done onto me, like black magic, maybe Carlos Castaneda’s view is right and everything normal people or god do is also black magic, because everybody’s got some power anyway, even if it is only the power of love!

Total freedom or Total detachment, free will and the special case of Nagualism

Freedom actually means that you are capable of living your life according to your free will, that including such things as to do good acts as well as “evil” acts, according to your free will. But is there actually existing a free will comparing it to maybe random numbers falling into Gaus’ normal distribution? How can you actually prove that random numbers don’t follow a pattern given by higher intelligence, despite Gauss’ normal distribution, or that you have free will and not follow a “cosmic” plan? (compare: Isaiah 45:7 “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.”)
So now the Nagualists follow a goal of total freedom in following the Eagles (spirit) plan impeccably, but also bending the Eagles will and actually doing what they like, refusing alien energy, and not interacting too much with the world, and at the end defeating death and becoming in this act energy beings, that live millions of years kinda autonomously of their own energy and don’t take of the universes infinite energy.
Is that kind of a total detachment (not interacting with the world and refusing alien energy, though actually everything’s somehow connected if you want it or not) or total freedom or free will if they bend the Eagles will or is that also the Eagles will.
So their goal is total freedom which ends in being an energy being, and at the total end dissolve because out of lack of energy. But if according to Nagualism an average human being dissolves anyway at death and is eaten by the eagle and has also free will, what difference does it make how you live, and maybe all the other spiritualists are right that you’re an infinite and eternal soul/spirit that acts according to its karma?


Maybe an important number, four, like the four spiritual elements, fire, water, earth, and air, or the four cardinal directions and maybe the four divine qualities of spirituality, kindness, love, compassion, and forgiveness or like the four seasons.

Psychiatric Imperialism

One can suffer from all kinds of things, e.g. TV addiction, lack of love, or too much love (clinging) etc. PP, the suffering does not necessarily have to be coupled to extraordinary states of consciousness, and therefore should not be pathologized as illnesses of the psyche but none the less as illnesses of modern western society.
On the other hand in many cultures extraordinary perceptions and states of consciousness are regarded as gifts of a higher power, and thus also regarded of this society as extraordinary, but not as pathological, but of another realm of reality and beneficial for the wellbeing of the society. Only in the West which is strongly marked by (quack)science and a loss of a connection to a supernatural higher power, such states are pathologized, also because of the suffering pressures of some. Such a pressure of suffering is owed to the fact that the people of the West have forgotten to deal with such gifts. Some “Psychos” also intuitively recognize such states of consciousness and perception as part of reality and are often therefore not compliant and refuse to take “meds”. It is also a pity that Western psychiatrists now believe that they have to “spread” their “wisdom” in other cultural circles too!
I call that psychiatric imperialism.
The theory of extraordinary states of consciousness perceiving alternate realities, one can explain that now also with the help of science, namely quantum physics.
What do you think?


Let’s assume there’s really meaning behind everything, maybe god exists, maybe God is love and loves us and therefore sent his masters to show us his love?
But why does God love us? Is love the meaning, and if so, who programmed it into god? And why did the programmer itself cared about that, and the programmer of the programmer, etc…..?
Is there a meaning behind love as a meaning? Why do we or god actually care?
Maybe the only meaning is to smoke MJ so that we get careless and realize that nothing’s actually important and life overvalued?

But what’s the reason for that or the meaning behind all that.
You subscribe meaning to some things maybe also love, but you don’t know if there’s a meaning behind that alleged meaning.
Nde’ers say the meaning of life and death and all is just pure unconditional love, but why? What’s the reason that it is so?

Is the meaning of all that it has no meaning, is it a yin yang principle and therefore Taoism the only realistic philosophy?

Hard work

Is the statement “If you want to achieve something you have to work really hard!” overemphasized/overvalued?
Maybe it is easy to avoid hard mental work, by just plugging into the cosmic mind, where the all-an-all info is stored, and receiving your information from there, without breaking your head.
Or maybe it would be easy to avoid hard physical work, in order to support your physical survival, if we could like Jesus make miracles and multiply our “fish”. (Or simply just build a dupli/replicator).
Or is the path to such a state of grace also hard work, like maybe following your angel’s guidance, and with it occurring fearful situations that you must overcome?
Or will you never be led into difficult situations by your angels?
Or a bad example like black magicians do black magic, in order to manipulate people so they can accumulate wealth.
Does that also require hard work or is such the broad easy path to condemnation that Jesus spoke of?


Some spiritualist, maybe even some Buddhists, but at least most of the nde’ers, claim, that thoughts manifest in one form or the other, but mostly in energies or other manifestations of energy (vibrations).
An analogy in science would be that thoughts are quanta states of nerve quanta and can be a waveform (energy), and thus have, through quantum entanglement, an influence on the world and on other people

That is also why a lot of the new age and spiritual and Buddhist etc. people recommend a mindfulness meditation, in order to control oneselves thoughts, and make the world a better place, by not influencing it with negative thoughts.
Maybe we should influence it with positive thoughts, and out of it following positive actions.

Buddha Nature

There’s a saying (I don’t know from where): “All paths lead to Rome”, which means there are as many truths as there are people, or as many Taos or buddha natures as people are, methinks Baba Ram Dass or someone similar said “Everything’s perfect and so are you!”.
As it goes for the yin – yang – Tao, it might need some calibration, to find a peaceful equilibrium.

Enlightened ones and politics and spirituality

Is an enlightened one allowed or supposed to engage in politics and spirituality?

It seems as if politics and spirituality are both hindrances to true awakening. The yogi becomes enlightened when he drops the content of not only the human side of things but all facets related to it, including politics and spirituality.

But if a yogi dropped the content of not only the human side of things but all facets related to it, including politics and spirituality and became enlightened, a lot of them play what is called the guru game. A truly awakened one understands that most, if not all, of his followers will never attain an awakened state so they give them practices like mantras, mudras, asanas, meditations and so on to placate their desire for awakening, which is another chink in the armor, so to speak, since the desire to become enlightened is yet another hindrance to attainment.
But isn’t enlightenment part of spirituality or the other way around, spirituality part of enlightenment?

Regarding political activism of enlightened ones, maybe they should engage in politics since they could also be the objective of repression even torture and death when you look at the current uprising of fascism. Methinks even if you are totally detached from suffering or reality or whatever, you should also acknowledge the fact that methinks, ending of suffering is a goal of enlightenment, as seen in the awakened Buddha, and so the ending of possibly changeable outer circumstances should also be considered by enlightened as a goal.

Capitalist Agenda (Arbeit macht Frei)

Stands the notion of the capitalist free market idea of gainful employment behind some dark agenda, that is propagated as being the only possible kind of meaningful occupation, that goes in a lot of countries as far as forcing people to work as slave-wage-workers, if they want to receive further/future benefits of the ruthless capitalist society system, but if you decide to live on alms, you are an objective to repression, be it from fascists, which don’t like low life, or capitalist governments, which want you to drive out of inner cities, in order not to disturb the “ideal” of prosperity,.
Why did the capitalists stole Nicola Tesla’s patents and destroyed his work, of free infinite energy, and therefore the possibility of a by now already available dupli/replicator, so that we by now already have had a money-free and therefor gainful employment based free society and already been engaging in meaningful social, spiritual etc. etc. etc. work.
Is my theory of the immortals (existence theory supported by Taoism, nagualism and the bible), and them living of our life energy (chi), like when I experienced when getting money from atm’s that at the same time there was a “source” drawing energy (chi) from me.
Are these immortals simply lazy or afraid of facing their karma when they die out of lack of stolen energy?
What did they do?
What is their agenda?
Or better what do they want to do?
Do they wait for the physical incarnation of the eternal/infinite manifestation of the Almighty in order to destroy this avatar and so the all-and-all and install an inversion of being and be like the anti-god in an inversion of being in the all-and-all?
Are they so bored of life or were they beaten as children or what happened or is the almighty simply crazy for allowing such, or are the Hindus or the nagualists right that the all-and-all wants to get enlightened by experiencing everything possible and impossible, but if everything’s infinite and eternal does anything actually matter?
Regarding the fact that I dreamt into a parallel universe where the president of earth has been Adolf Hitler (maybe without killing Jews), and the philosophical thought experiment, that we could be brains attached to a virtual reality by mad scientist, is it possible that this mad scientist (God) (also regarding the competition principle of evolution and capitalist societies [maybe see the game civilization]) just watches us like snails in a snail rat-race which philosophy or thought concepts will win.
I think the almighty is nuttier than me.
Or is it simply the fecundity philosophy principle and we’re stuck in a war multiverse like the nagualists prophecied or like it is seen in the daily struggle we have like getting up or fighting a cold?

An evil Multiverse?

Is this multiversal ir/reality evil or a war/chaos/struggle/hellish ir/reality, when you consider all beings here on earth struggle/fight one way or the other with sicknesses or nature (brutal eat or be eaten ir/reality) or other means of daily life and a holographic principle refers that to the whole multiverse?
Is this light love god, that reincarnates into all, evil (Yehovah – Lucifer angel of light), when you consider that love also can hurt (e.g. demons/dark beings [ see https://near-death.com ]) when too much (clinging) or not enough.
Or hate does hurt the “good”!
I had this thought/vision that maybe an evil entity had to be cast out of a purely good multiverse alone into this isolated hellish prison/hell multiverse where it reincarnates from eternities of eternities as some kind of punishment to look into his own evil eye!
But as maybe the holographic principle might grip and forgiveness is part of this or a greater ir/reality, maybe, but just maybe, this entity will be forgiven one day or maybe not?
Is the answer to love/embrace everything also evil?
But in this act evil becoming accepted and still living on?

Power over people and the Power of love

Can the power over people be compared with the power of love? Are these the two sides of a coin? Like power over people is very tempting and egoistic and easily abused, while the power of love is very altruistic and giving and can be unconditional. Where does abuse come into play and can a negative power also include something positive? AND, can a positive power include also something negative?

Is maybe the power of love so pure and overwhelming and can’t be compared to dark power over people that it will overcome the yin – yang – Tao principle and install a pure light love multiverse, maybe compared to the struggle/war universe paradigm where actually the daily struggle can be beautiful and joyful and be a form of love, like seen in the joy of running. Like compared to nde’ers insights and the lord’s prayer, that heaven is pure love and Jesus saying “thy will be done as in heaven so on earth”?


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