Spiritualized “Psychos”

spiritualized psychos

“You are not crazy”

You are not crazy

“The concept of a ‘normal’ brain or a ‘normal person’ has no more objective scientific validity
– and serves no better purpose –
then the concept of a ‘master race'”
(Nick Walker)

normal person ?

First of all some Articles by “experts”

Important neuroscience article:

Yale neuroscientists debunk the myth of normalcy in life and psychiatry

An alternative article about “schizophrenia”:

“Schizophrenia”, psychosis or something more profound

Terence Mckenna and 60’s counterculture view on “schizophrenia”:

Terence Mckenna: On shamanic “schizophrenia” and cultural healing

How non-industrial cultures view “mental illness”:

“Mental illness”; Alan Watts; Terrence Mckenna

An article about how shamans perceive “mental illness”:

What a shaman sees in a mental hospital


Some videos about “psychosis” versus spiritual awakening/shamanism

Crazy Wise youtube channel

Watch the film Crazy Wise


My take on “mental illness”

The Beginning

If the nothing – nothingness is the void or the nonexistence of everything (!) possible and impossible, also the nonexistence of time, space, matter, energy, life and all its principles and all abstract/thoughtforms and the concept of the almighty god and eternity/infinity and so the possible nonexistence of anything (!) ever (!) existing in the past, the now and the future (see time), and also the nonexistence of the notion, the definition, the concept and the nothingness itself, so that absolutely nothing exists, neither the observer of this multiverse, nor the multiverse, nor nothingness, not even thoughts about or the presence of anything including the nothing/ness, the multiverse, science, spirit/uality, the abstract and the concept of the almighty itself and eternity/infinity.

But as we experience ourselves, the existence of something, our physicality, our thoughts, fantasies, feelings, dreams and expanded/perceptions and expanded/consciousness, wich through the connection of everything in these multiverses through different means (quantum entanglement, electromagnetic waves/induction, gravitational waves, atomic power, air, water, food and the sunlight, the stars and the earth we share, the supernatural, and who knows what else), and so the dissolvement between subjective and objective reality, points therefore to the opposit of total nothingness, the possible existence of eternity/infinity and so all (!) possible and maybe impossible things imaginable, many worlds (parallel universes), many dimensions, many multiverses, many realities, including spiritual and divine realities, the abstract, concept of the almighty god, and maybe so also the total nothingness/inversion of being?
(the snake of infinity bites its own tail)

Maybe the Allmighty (the word itself says he/she/it can do everything) can somehow, somewhere maintain such a Nothing/Nothingness, just for some buddhist nothingness scholars, to show them what it is like?

So if eternity/infinity, out of a many worlds, many multiverses and dimensions, many realities etc., and like in the above stated possible nonexistence of the void, exists, and therefore everything possible and maybe impossible possibly exist, also souls, spirit/s, god, to everyday eyes invisible worlds etc., how can an atheistic anthropocentric perception-reductionist psychiatry claim, that I have hallucinations, which means perceiving something that doesn’t exist, but it exists anyway, at least in your mind (see also interconnectedness of consciousness and “reality”), about worlds and beings, that allegedly don’t exist, but brain researchers found out that while hallucinating (without the aid of “drugs”), the exact brain areas as in “normal” perceptions are active (consider interconnectedness of objective and subjective reality).

Also Regarding Quantum entanglement etc., everything could be real what’s in your perception, fantasies, dreams, and thoughts, at least in some other dimension, parallel universe, some other multiverse or another reality, if they have something like quanta etc., because as quantum entanglement implies, everything can interact with everything (quanta info can be instantaneously transferred through multiverses, if there exist quanta and similar physics) and so at least could have some impact on your perception and your thoughts/imagination/dreams (nerve quanta consciousness).

Maybe there’s even some supernatural aspect of info and thought transfer, that science has no access to.

Reductionist science says there should be an objective reality, a reality that is homogenous to everybody existing in this universe.
But objective reality includes randomness (e.g. randomness of radioactive decay), and maybe so (holographic principle) has a randomness in influencing how we perceive reality (=subjective reality), and objective reality has also an invisible part (we perceive only a fraction of the existing frequencies/smells/sensations/etc. of the rational real world), and a multiplicity of realities out of a possibly nonexistent void (regard spiritualized science), that could influence our perception, imagination and thoughts according to Quantum entanglement etc., so forms subjective reality and interacts with objective reality, whereas subjective and objective realities alter each other (Quantum entanglement, etc.).
Therefore objective and subjective reality dissolve into one another, and you could say that there’s no distinction between objective and subjective reality, and therefore everything is somehow real that we perceive (at least maybe in some other dimension, parallel universe, multiverse or whatever reality)!

Also if  everything is connected (consciousness <-> reality), may it be through quantum entanglement (nerve quanta), energy vibrations (electromagnetism/induction, e.g. electric impulses conducting nerves reacting to induction), bioluminescence (quantum entanglement of nerve quanta), air, water, matter, gravitational waves, feelings (see  above vibes) or thought forms (see above), than the state of your consciousness and reality (whichever reality that may be, maybe some other dimension, parallel universe, some other multiverse, etc.) reflect each other.

Could it even be that our fantasies, dreams, and thoughts, are some, or can become some reality in some other dimension or in a parallel universe or in some other multiverse or another “reality”? For example, could there exist a multiverse where the physical laws are such, that there really exists a disc world?
If God is a dreamer or thinker, and all its thoughts which can become our thoughts or vice versa, manifest in a multiverse or “reality”, there could exist multiverses with totally different laws of physics or maybe no physics at all, maybe only total spiritual realities!
Because the diversity of existence maybe wants to exits somehow, somewhere. (Maybe everything possible is allowed to exist somehow somewhere -> fecundity principle).
(please regard the interconnectedness of everything through different means and my tract about nothing/ness)

I can imagine that there could exist an almost indescribable reality, which is composed of pure abstract thought form, but not composed of this-worldly energy nor science like structures, like the fathomless Tao (maybe God’s mind?), that somehow materializes in some multiverse.

From that could be concluded your spiritual/conscious state of mind can also be influenced and influence your setting, the people and the supernatural that surround you.

So the eternal philosophical question, “What is real/reality?”.

eye-Abstract Reality

Thoughts and Fantasies

Where do thoughts and fantasies come from?
Do they come from nothing/ness – nowhere?
If according to my post about nothing/ness, it possibly doesn’t exist but eternity/infinity and according to my post “A propostion regarding creation” a supernatural cosmic mind created this world and imprinted the spirit information on this energetic/material (and who knows what else!) (?) world, actually everything even thoughts and fantasies should have a root/cause out of the actio = reactio “law”, and because of quantum entanglement (possibly of brain nerve quanta with energetic realities or other brain nerve quanta) and a possible supernatural thought transfer (which is not in the hands of science(?)), so that everything’s connected somehow, thoughts and fantasies should have a root in or should be a reflection of some other reality (may it be abstract, spiritual, divine, or who knows what else), parallel universe, another dimension, or another multiverse.

flat earth
flat earth

So what is “schizophrenia”?

Is it (hearing voices, having visions or other extraordinary perceptions and thought constructs), like my voices (spirits/angels) told me, a gift from God (Tao), in order to mediate between the worlds?
Or is it, like, mostly atheistic (believing in the Mensch-Maschine-View) psychiatrists lately claim, a malfunction of the brain, when actually brain researchers found out, that while hallucinating (without the aid of “drugs”), the exact same brain regions as in normal perception are active (see above) (consider quantum entanglement), and thereby dismiss the concept of a feeling sick or weak soul (psyche), deriving from a spiritual crisis?

So now, psychiatrists also claim, that the psychoactive compound THC of Cannabis induces a “psychotic” (sickness of the soul) state of consciousness, while Psychonauts on the other hand claim, that it induces a psychedelic (bringing forth the soul) state of mind!

Bringing forth the soul and experiencing/perceiving otherworldly stuff, can have two sides (like in Tao), positive and irie thoughts/experiences/perceptions/feelings, as well as negative ones, and are directly linked with the momentary state of the soul (positive soul/positive experiences or weak or negative soul/distorted experiences) and outer occurrences/influences (see below) (sometimes even from ideas of others, books, movies, music, prose, fine arts or other media), also regarding the interconnectedness of oneself to the universe and each other (thought forms/quantum entanglement, gravitational waves, feelings/energy vibrations [electromagnetism/induction], bioluminescence [quantum entanglement], air, water, and matter, etc.) and so influencing each other.

There’s also another compound of Cannabis, namely CBD, that completes the Tao cycle, when it calms anxiousness, relaxes and counteracts (researchers found out that CBD can act as an “antipsychotic”) the effects of THC and its psychedelic/”psychotic” inductions (lets one think/contemplate better).

Is “schizophrenia” therefore a feeling negative, sick or weak soul brought forth, and experiences with it connected negative other-worlds and beings, and on the other hand, if your feeling sane, happy and strong soul experiences with it connected blissful other-worlds and beings?
And is the sensitivity of “psychos” a property, that allows them to sense the spirit world easier than normal people?
Is this a kind of enlightenment situation? (actually opening the third eye or ear, etc. or opening to the cosmic mind).

Is the conclusion, that everybody can connect to the spirit/tao/god-world, using Mary Jane or other psychoactive plants, cacti and mushrooms, and it was therefore criminalized by the “Satanists”, because they don’t want to have it “….like in heaven so may it be on earth…”? (the psychoactive active components actually resemble neurotransmitters, and so shouldn’t be regarded as inducing an unnatural state of consciousness, when some spiritual practitioners also can achieve such states through natural means) (also the dopamine theory of schizophrenia is at least doubtable, because how should a possible overspill of only one neurotransmitter be responsible for such complex perceptions and states of consciousness and thought constructs, when actually whole brain areas and neurotransmitter coactions are responsible for perception, thinking and feeling, and dopamine overspills don’t happen seldom [just think of a very delicious meal you maybe had {dopamin is reward neurotransmitter that also works on memorys}]; even if brain scans or neurotransmitter imbalances would indicate extraordinary states of consciousness, it doesn’t say that this (neurotransmitter imbalances) might be the cause of these extraordinary states or are simply maybe the outcome of such states and therefore no reason to pathologize such states)

(A quote by Dr. John Grohol a doctor of psychology: “First, let’s tackle the whole ‘chemical imbalance’ theory that underlines the serotonin [and other neurotransmitters] theory of depression [and other so-called “mental illnesses”]. In order for us to suggest an imbalance in anything, we’d have to understand what a perfectly balanced brain looks like. To date, no study or researcher has been able to show such a brain. It’s likely because it doesn’t exist.”)

So if the otherworldly stuff some are hallucinating is just made of some energy quanta that through mind filter reduction (special sensitivity of “psychos”) and quantum entanglement gets perceived, maybe we could transform the word hallucinating into clairperceivance.

Buddha would maybe say, go find your own answer!

Tao clairperceivance


Can brainalterations in developing teenagers induced through the early use of Cannabis and its influence in the endocanabinoidsystem of the brain also be seen in a positive way, when there’s more brainactivity through THC than in adults that don’t use Cannabis, and through not complete myelisation of nerve fibers they are more sensitive to outer (electromeagnetic induction – feelings vibrations) influences?
Can this be seen as a sensitization (of body/soul (nerves)) and an actvation of the emotional mind/entering an emotional (trance) state?
And through THC a not so well developed Hippocampus the shortterm memory becomes weak and therefor you live more in the moment?
This seen from a Baba’s/Guru’s/Spiritualist way of thinking is a desirable development becoming more open to emotions and living in the moment, but from an industrialized societies point of view it is a hinderance in the struggle for more performance.
So in a spiritual way Cannabis can be seen as more of a help (evolution through more active brain/entering an emotional (trance) state) but in a modern industrialized and performance orientated sense as more of a brainimpairment (sensitization and shortterm memory impairement).
(It’s Shiva’s plant isn’t it?)
What does that say about tobacco use in teenagers or alcohol (which also is a cell poison) use or other entheogens which alkaloids also resemble neurotransmitters when they also sensitize (regard also the use of entheogens in initiation rituals in some tribal indigenous cultures, by opening up to spiritual realities)?
But the alleged amplification of “schizophrenia” in the population possibility is neglectable since there’s a medical consensus that one must be predespositioned to “schizophrenia” to be induced through THC and that applies merely to 1% of the worlds population, and the paradigm of the existance of the illness “schizophrenia” is also doubtable!



No fear (paranoia) is without reason! Everything has a source in the multidimensional reality of the all-and-all; actio = reactio!
Maybe it is just an unempathical desription of someone’s reality that the other is not possible to understand ?
(Out of a talk with Anneke Cummings)


Schizophrenia or Gift of God

I personally know shamans/healers/witches who see and hear otherworldly stuff like God/Angels/Spirits/etc. and with the help of it heal sick persons.
Also, my Angels/Spirits told me that having visions and hearing voices is a gift from God.
So how come in the western world such gifts were pathologized as sickness?
Was it because of the churches witchhunt in fear of black magic and the lack of better explanations of unexplainable catastrophes/accidents , though also prophets had the gift of seeing and hearing, and in the following the witches and the like started hiding and couldn’t inherit their wisdom openly, and fewer people could be recruited, and such wisdom also got forgotten by the majority, and through a rigid church and their interpretation of creed, and in the following age of science, through the loss of that (witches) wisdom and the lack of better explanations, and because of that a loss of spirituality occurred, science started to pathologize such states as madness, especially since some of the fellas had some kind of psychological strain, and these fellas had not the wisdom of the witches how to handle such states of consciousness.
Now in the vicinity of a paradigm change, because of the findings of quantum physics and through reemerging spirituality, and reacknowledging millennia-old wisdom, this pathologizing could or better should come to an end.

Gift of God

Psychiatry, Occultism and Shamanism/Witchcraft and the example of “Schizophrenia”

I read somewhere that psychiatrists knowledge initially derived from occult sciences. This shows itself especially in the choosing of the word “schizophrenia” for expanded states of consciousness, which means as far as I know “split of soul”, which in turn can be compared to the Peruvian shamanist view of a state of “lost little soul”, where  the patients lost their “little soul” because of accidents or other traumatic incidents. The psychiatrists in the former USSR called “schizophrenia” also the shaman’s disease.
Are so-called “schizophrenics” then shamans or witches who lost their “little soul” and are going, due to their powers, into other realities and search for their “little soul” and because of the combination of their “little soul” being lost and going into other realities are becoming a little “disoriented”?
Did the psychiatrists know of such, because of their connection to occultism, and the occultists inheriting such wisdom from witches, because the witches had to hide from the church (occult meaning hidden), but it was forgotten or not conveyed how to repair such a situation.

shamanism witchcraft

A take from science

Brain Scans of altered minds

There seem to be similarities in brainscans of “schizophrenics”, and people having sex, and actors acting “schizophrenic” person’s and meditating people, and people on the mindaltering drug LSD! (see picture)
So if there as a similar, visible made, outside indicator, is there also an inherent internal (psyche) similarity?
Can the example of actors acting “schizophrenic” people and them showing similar brainscans indicate that it all initiates from a higher/spirit place (something has an influence on your mind/brain), and that such an altered brain (scan) shows just the outcome of such an (spiritual) influence?

Psychosis Bending Reality to See Around the Corners – Paul Fletcher
Your brain hallucinates your conscious reality | Anil Seth
Psychic Abilities – Russell Tar
LSD Brain Scan Reveals Stunning Info
Consciousness and psychedelics – Peter Sjostedt

A critique on psychiatry and the special case of neuroleptics aka “antipsychotics”

Psychiatry either doesn’t want to learn from evident or proven facts, or the professors won’t give proper information to the students, or if they do all the psychiatrists seem to ignore them.
One may ask like also Robert Whittaker surmised a psychiatrist guild interest behind it, is there a maybe darker agenda behind it?
Like the system upholding their status quo by drugging and even killing their “crazy” (“enlightened”) prophets, healers, seers, and what do I know.

Some examples:

  • There were tests/studies on regular “normal” people taking Haldol in the ’80s, and them reporting having the feeling of their souls being dissolved by the drug (the psychiatrists ignore that). Now considering my own experiences with other neuroleptics, and the theory of feelings and perceptions, even if not confirmed by reductionist science, being possibly as of another reality, supported by quantum physics, even as a supposed “psycho”, I had experienced being lead to death and my soul dissolving by the drugs. This experiences and other experiences of almost a total annihilation caused by the drugs was accompanied by an overwhelming and horrifying feeling and knowing of maybe never existing again or that the angels would have to work really hard to restore my soul. One may ask, since i also had the impression that some or maybe all psychiatrists, have some kind of sixth sense or maybe somehow trained expanded perceptions, that they are either evil people that arbitrary “play” with their patients and test the drugs, or test God to see his power and entice him to show himself and maybe even try to destroy dear god or aspects of it, because they can’t handle such aspects or are afraid of them or follow some fascist agenda of the “DIN-Norm” (robot/master race) human. I also saw this kind of behavior lately on social media emerging, and call such people “hunters”.
  • The neuroleptics can also have the adverse effect of enforcing alternate states of consciousness, as I experienced my first time-travel on Haldol and the info about such “side effects” found in the leaflet containing information for the user which accompanies the medicinal product (the psychiatrists ignore that).
  • The neuroleptics not only blocking also sometimes multiple receptors in all body nerves but even blocking the mitochondria (the motors/power plant) of all body cells and with this effects blocking a natural working, living and joyful life (the psychiatrists ignore that). I experienced that also at the beginning of my “psycho career”, not being able to walk long distances, and “knew” it was from the “meds” but psychiatrists lead me to mistrust myself and believing their distorted and twisted worldview, that that was a problem of a supposed sickness called “schizophrenia”. Even the psychiatrist can’t say that they are blind and not see our struggling with the meds but sending us to “industrial work therapy” and hard physical and mental work though we are totally blocked. One of my fellow patients asked once commonly “Do they want to burn us?” And after all my experiences and the knowledge of (most of) the psychiatrists having expanded perception, and them being arbitrary hunters and knowing of one psychiatry professor being a Freemason, I can wholeheartedly say, yes.
  • The psychiatrists an staff torturing us and with it trying to “teach” us lessons/punishing us in conforming to their (fascist and trending) ideal of the “DIN-Norm” (robot/master race) human, by restraining beds/jackets/”medication” and isolation rooms, reported by a lot of fellow sufferers and experienced also by me.
  • Experimenting with their drugs and their ideal of the “DIN-Norm” (robot/master race) human until they find the “right” drugs and their (fascist and trending) ideal of the “DIN-Norm” (robot/master race) human, like i experienced the docs supporting and rewarding especially compliant patients and punishing noncompliant patients, especially if they see patients fleeing the wards (them having an intuition/foreseeing of the horror of the psychiatry system) and hunting them down with fantasized risk of harm to themselves or others and then coercing them by court order or psychological pressure to take the psychiatrist poison. If they knew what drugs would do or which one works they would know which one to prescribe and not experimenting, like maybe physicians prescribing an antibiotic for bacterial infections.
  • Neuroleptics shortening the average lifespan by about 25 years and causing brain-shrinkage/damage and changing in brain chemistry, that may lead to unexpected or violent behavior (the psychiatrists ignore that) in patients and the “doctors” interpreting that as “symptoms” and force-feeding more psychopharmaka.
  • The psychiatrist staff (especially nurses) giving a fuck about the patients and mostly sitting in their “bunker” and chit chatting and drinking coffee and writing down “strange” behaviour of the patients, if they notice it, and so, and especially with their forceful support, also in restraining and punishing patients also with other methods (e.g. downers (“meds”)), partaking in the fascistoid psychiatrist system!
  • Lately also drugging children, which have no known psychological strains, but maybe having human experiences, or like shamans say, being chosen to have extraordinar experiences.
  • Excusing their disease paradigm and their evil pill and torture psychiatry with the pressure of suffering of some of the patients and thus forcing it an all patients willing or not, though alternative worldviews of such conditions and alternative handling of such expanded states of consciousness existed since long times and are also newly developed (see e.g. Open Dialogue or shamanic etc. systems)

Psychiatry System

The psychiatry system is designed to break the (schizophrenic) patient, in order to rebuild him to its own liking, and if you want to get out of this system “alive”, you have to behave more normal then normal, in other words pathologically normal!

I find it strange that in Germany we have two differing state-funded aids:
Psychiatry and drug rehabilitation clinics [though both are hosted by psychiatrists].
Both have very different approaches:

The detox hospitals say: “Do not drown your worries in alcohol! Do not take a drug every day to escape your problems! Everyone has a hard time, and we need to learn to deal with them without a chemical escape. Be drug-free so you can be healthy and happy!”

Psychiatry says: “Your feelings and thoughts are sick! You are deficient because you feel and think so! Take these medications for the rest of your life, so that you will be accepted so sedated by society! You will die 20 years earlier, but at least you’re “normal.” And if you do not want to get sedated, you’re even sicker than we thought! “

How damn confused these poor people must be in both systems.

(Elisabeth Friis Andersen)


Since the introduction of shock-pictures on tobacco products should mostly have had a dissuasive influnece on people to not use tobacco, but as we know through autogenous training and other psychological/spiritual techniques of selfinfluencing (e.g. meditation on health), repetative, subconscious influences can have an influence on the soul so also on the body.
So when you often see shock images of sick people, doesn’t that implicate that after some time of influence on your subconsciousness you somehow are more prone to such sicknesses, though it is shown in studies that tobacco has a positive influence on “schizophrenics” (the soul)?
What does that say about a psychiatrist repetative storytelling of altered states of consciousness as a sickness and “halucinations” as not existant (but as proposed in other posts and pages being not so)?
What does that say about the repetative storytelling of psychiatrist that neuroleptics help against “symptoms” through building up over the course of some weeks a level of the agent and after some weeks stopping the “psychosis”, though it is known that the “dopaminblockers” immediatly enter the neuronal gaps and block the transmittors, and that is said that it saved so much lifes, though we also know that it killed and (spiritually, physically and pschologically) destroyed people, and me also at my first longer encounter with the otherworld i could also without the help of neuroleptics could return to everyday reality after soeme weeks of alternative help?
Wouldn’t you internalize the role of sick person and therefor feel so, but as i mostly learned to know so called “schizos” being positive about their initial/first experiences only becoming later negative (maybe because of the psychiatrists storytelling and drugs?)?
What does that say about the repetitions in the media about dangers from this and that and that a capitalist democratic fascist system is indespensable and without it, we would loose our wealth and security, and that it brought so much advance, but we forget how much destruction and also (psychological and physical) suffering it brought, especially when most of the people relax in front of the tv or other media after a hard days work and so the higher parts of consciousness are closed down and the subconscious mind is open to suggestions?
Methinks it creates a lot of (subconscious) fear and supporting of the (secure(?)) system, though we know better!

Made in Auschwitz, Psychiatry: The invisible War (Book Review)

REVIEW by Winston Smith: Under the provocative title “Made in Auschwitz. Psychiatry: The Invisible War “, Andrzej Skulskis and his two coauthors try to explain to outsiders what is going on behind the closed doors of psychiatry and its vicious circle. This is not such an easy task given the omnipresent psychiatric propaganda. Many pretend to know about psychiatry, but only those who have seen it from within can really tell. In three chapters history, current developments in psychiatry and politics, as well as the alternative project “Art Bonus” of the author are presented. Conclusion of the book: Psychiatry is a single fraud on a global scale. It does not help the so-called “afflicted” but directs them by means of drugs and tyranny to internalize the role of the “mentally ill”. So millions of people are demoted to the intellectual level of a broccoli by chemical club. In this state they vegetate then drooling and twitching, between dorm and workshop for the disabled. The administered drugs ensure that the life expectancy of those affected by up to 32 years is shortened. An enslavement of industrial proportions that, in the author’s opinion, reminds of Nazi concentration camps. Outsiders, who think that they can not be comitted, because psychiatry is only for the mentally ill and the mentally handicapped, will rub their eyes when reading this book. The therapeutic state is driven forward at all levels. Politicians make common cause with the psychiatry lobby. About absolutely everyone hangs the Damocles sword of forced psychiatry.

Made in Auschwitz, Psychiatry the invisible War
Made in Auschwitz, Psychiatry the invisible War


Do the psychiatrist want the “Endlösung” for us “schizos” by annihilating/dissolving our souls with their neurotoxins and evil necromancing magic?

Today i sensed and saw the most evil spirit and its evil intent of a major necromancing psychiatrist and i can wholeheartedly say yes!

They want the “Endlösung” not only for us “psychos” but for the most of humanity, see also the bookreview i posted prior!

Psychiatry is the most evil thing i ever experienced!

nazi psychiatry
nazi psychiatry

A case against Neuroleptics

The psych doctors tell you that the active agent in neuroleptics need to build up a level over a few weeks, to suppress the symptoms though it is known that they enter the neuronal gap immediately shortly after the intake , and on my first “trip” i came down without the help of neuroleptics but through talks with my friends and then girlfriend and with sex, hash and beer.
And now i surmise that the most help in mental wards is through other patients (supporting social contact overthe course of a few weeks), as i heard often and experienced also myself, and also my psych doc told me that the main function of nl’s is a dampening and numbing one and not an antipsychotic one (tranquilizer that suppoerts the positive social contact in wards)!

Here a few studies on the longterm outcomes with and without neuroleptics and the braindamage and life expectancy shortage it does:

Toxicpsychiatry: “Antipsychotics”


A document about unrecognized facts about modern psychiatric practice:

cep – unrecognised facts about modern psychiatric practice

Document about antipsychotic drugs and their 50-year record of doing more harm than good:

50-year record of doing more harm than good

A video on psychiatric drugs

Robert Whitaker – Psychiatric Drugs Do They Fix Imbalances or Do They Create Them

Expanded Perception and Expanded Consciousness, Spiritual Crisis and so called “Schizophrenia”

If out of an expanded perception, like hearing voices, having visions, and other expanded perceptions, and so through instructions from the otherworld, and through the influence of the own spirit (higher self), and so through informations out of higher consciousness realities, and maybe other incarnations, or future visions, and so through it intensifying the consciousness/mind/brain activity (which can also be achieved through other mind altering methods, like “drugs” (also psychiatric), meditation or other practices), follows an expanded consciousness and maybe other spiritual conditions, like dissolving the ego or dissolving ego-boundaries and so relating everything to oneself, or maybe contemplating the meaning of life, and so follows a spiritual crisis if one is not prepared for such and can’t, because of the rationalized western mind, integrate it in ones world(view)/reality, and the person now wants to classify said perceptions and states of expanded consiousness into ones world(view)/reality with the help of available thoughtconstructs out of books (also fiction), (contemporary) music (lyrics), movies, other media and other information sources, and now mixes ones own altered state of consciousness and infos with the western worldview and said information sources, there might sure come a total spiritual trip, which psychiatrists call schizophrenia, but the least of the so called “patients” have real pressure of suffering on the first trip, which only comes later through the repetativ mindsupressing sickness talk of psychiatrists and bad neurotoxic psychotropic psychiatric drugs.
Possible help on integrating the other world in to ones reality may come through classifying expanded perception and its infos, states of expanded consciousness and its infos, and other information sources (media etc.) into cathegories by thinking about/analyzing/differentiating and with the help of meditation and other selfcontrol techniques calming/grounding oneself, and other methods (see spiritualized psychos page).

Spiritual Crisis
Spiritual Crisis

Biological Medicinal Psychiatric Worldview versus Spiritual Reality

From a medicinal biological psychiatric perspective, love, hate, sadness or any other intense feeling, perception or thought is too much or not enough of any hormones or neurotransmitters, especially altered states of consciousness, thus an imbalance and thus a psychotic illness! Because you can suffer from all the above mentioned somehow!
But if you look at it from a spiritual reality point of view, they are just human experiences of altered states of consciousness, that a lot of people already went through and are realized somehow, and that need to be explored, analyzed and compared to already known and explored altered states of consciousness, such as shamans, witches, healers, yogis, sadhus, gurus, sacred scriptures viewpoints etc. altered states of consciousness, and then implemented in a wholesome positive way into your reality.

Little excursus in psychiatry versus wholesomeness

Perhaps a millennia-old tradition of witches, shamans, healers, sadhus, gurus, mystics, wise men, enlightened ones, etc., understands exceptional states of consciousness/perception/being better than a mere 100-year-old tradition of psychiatrists?

Every feeling comes with a variation in neurotransmitters and hormones, and psyche docs also say that every human has a different nature of feelings/so neurotransmitter-households etc.! Where does one see an illness then?

Extraordinary otherworld-perceptions and thoughts can also be induced through “drugs” and other means, like meditation etc…., so what does that to the natural/normal state of consciousness mean?

What is wrong? What is right? What is disease and what not? According to new studies (s.b.), everything should be viewed in a context that adds to the help or hinderance view of a state of being in a special context.
E.g. a mentally disabled person that showed a depressed person that there’s still something worth living for, is that sick or healing?
Or another example of unified karma, Adolf Hitler starting WWII, that lead to the atomic bomb, that led to the creation of ARPA-Net, that led to the Internet and so to humans having access to massive amounts of info and non-info, and the possibility of worldwide discussion and a mutual fecundation of minds, consciousnesses and “souls”, resulting in a maybe worldwide revolution, or maybe an evolvement of humankind, stepping the ladder of evolution, or some kind of massive enlightenment of humankind.

Yeah, the antipsychiatry movement is trying to help but on a different level than the established western biological medicinal psychiatry, as in we don’t see our condition as a sickness but as a state of being that can be integrated in a wholesome way in our reality/everyday life.

It depends from where you look at it if you look from a saddhus/shamans perspective then you have altered states of consciousness when you look from psychiatrists view, you have a sickness, but who says that some possible biological markers are either the source or maybe are the outcome of such states?

AND who determines the power of interpretation of such?
The anthropocentric reductionist view of atheistic science, who gave such power to themselves, or the wholesome view of devine naturalistic spiritual view of masters, which got such power from the Most High (refer to spiritualized science page)?


Article on cannabis and “schizophrenia”:

Marijuana compound may beat “antipsychotics” at treating “schizophrenia”

A CBD-Hemp provider:

Münsterland Hanf


Does “schizophrenia” exist and some coping strategies for unexpected expanded states of consciousness

As far as non-western cultures are considered, there are people existing, who explicitly seek out these expanded states of consciousness, may it be through the ingestion of psychedelic plants, mushrooms or cacti, or may it be through techniques like kundalini yoga or meditation, or devotional practices like praying, fasting, ecstatic dance, bhakti yoga or other methods.
The example of psychedelics lays out, that every human has the possibility to reach such states, and so they can be considered as exceptional but normal and achievable for every human, and don’t need to be pathologized (see also interconnectedness).
So the gift of expanded consciousness (pathologised by western medicine as “schizophrenia”) that sometimes comes unexpected and not sought out, may need some coping strategies, as to not get lost in these spiritual/alternative realities but to function also in the everyday realm, because the individual maybe didn’t seek it out, but somehow was chosen to have such, and often is unprepared to handle such.

ecstatic dance

Some possibilities to handle such unexpected states of expanded consciousness:

~First come to ease (sit down and maybe drink a coffee, glass of water or juice or do what fits you most).

Grounding strategies:

-Sex (relaxes [release of excess energy] and connects you with good vibes and the root chakra of the opposite gender [yin – yang exchange -> equilibrium])
-Touch mother earth with your naked feet and skin as naked as possible, let your root chakra, or if you like your root/s through your feet, extend into mother earth, and let the energy flow (spiritual release of excess energy)
-Eat potatoes (contains vitamin B3 that calms down) (root to root).
-CBD-Hemp (see article)
-Beer (relaxes and calms anxiety)
-Valerian root tea (calms down)
-Lemon balm (Melissa) tea (calms down)
-Passionflower tea (calms down, calms anxiety, antidepressant)
-Laying down a blanket, looking for shelter, maybe in the bed and close all doors and windows and maybe also close the shades


Strengthening strategies:

-Do something good for yourself, maybe eat a cake!
-Maybe a cigarette
-Avoiding inner cities and greater crowds instead take walks in nature and withdraw from negative social contact
-Positive social contact and talks with loving people
-Sufficient food, drink, and sleep
-A bath (as recommended)
-Find something to do that you really love, and don’t forget your rituals that keep you connected to everyday reality and spirituality
-Eating meat gives your body and your soul strength
-Eating fish gives your heart, mind and soul clarity and strength (see also the benefits of fish oil on your brain and heart)


Actions against bad “voices” and “entities” if they bother you (bad spirits and astral bodies of evil sorcerers)

-Love and talk to/with these entities and discuss in a peaceful way, why they are bothering you and if they could stop with that.
-If they are evil and still torture you just for the fun of it, and won’t stop, you could take are more aggressive stance and forcefully shout at them to leave or grip them with your hands and tear them apart
-If these approaches didn’t help, you can talk/pray to your personal guardian angel/s and ask them to help/guide you driving them away
-Ask Jesus, or some or all the other avatars like Shiva or Buddha or Mohammed or King David etc…, for help to fight your enemy
-Last but not least thing you can do is, ask God to stop the situation if it is too much for you
(If the spiritual forces won’t help you, it maybe is an indicator for you, that they maybe want you to find out, how you can help yourself)

astral bodies

Aids against black magic attacks

-Eat and spill some salt around you.
-Eat garlic
-Wear black clothes
-Make a tobacco sacrifice in the direction you feel is the emergency.
-Sprinkle some water in the direction you feel is the emergency.
-Drink a cold beer, cold coca cola or cold mineral water.
-Take a shower or take a bath with warm or fresh water, depending on what your body desires and what feels best at the moment.
-Light some incense and candles and smoke a ciggie or CBD-hemp.
-When you’re smoking a ciggie or a (whatever) splif, blow the smoke in all 7 sacred directions, left (west), right (east), in front of you (north), backward (south), up (sky), down (earth), and finally into the spirit/astrar/divine world (wherever you feel it is)
-A good protection necklace ideally would be a silver cross with turquoise stones!

black magic attack

Altered Help

(Altered) Thoughts, visions, voices, and other (altered) perceptions reflect the outside/the inside and vice versa, and if thoughts are voices or visions or vise versa then where do the thoughts come from (also consider (my posts about thoughts and) quantum entanglement)? If you suffer from your (altered) perceptions, you can of course change the point of view/what you’re looking at or hearing, maybe by a prayer, or, as Neem Karoli Baba once said if you’re on a psychedelic trip (and “sz” is nothing else) focus on god almighty and everything’s gonne be okay!


Coming out of crisis situations:

– Possible help on integrating the other world in to ones reality may come through classifying expanded perception and its infos, states of expanded consciousness and its infos, and other information sources (media etc.) into cathegories by thinking about/analyzing/differentiating
-Make a bonfire in a protected area in the night and make music and sing and dance naked around the bonfire and throw bad memories written on paper or things that remind you of bad things in that fire
-Search for a stone that calls you in an area that calls you too and carry this stone with you around as a connector/”antenna” between mother earth and the spirit world and you
-And last but not least the following:

witches bonfire
My way of Meditation
(Healing, Cleansing, and Astral Travel Meditation)
(especially for “psychos”),
best conducted in the dark
(it is allowed to use “psychedelics” (see spiritualized medicine page) as aids)):

First, turn on some good vibration music.

Next light some candles and light some incense.

Then turn off all electric lights and devices, except the music.

Find a for you comfortable spot, preferably a couch or sofa.

Sit cross-legged on that spot, and lean your back, as straight as possible (don’t force it),  against a cushion.

Now lay your hands on each other with the palms up, and put them close to your base and second chakra (grounding)

Now close your eyes, breathe softly, and say a prayer to your guardian angels, that they may guide you through the meditation process.

Turn off your mind/thinking.

Now relax and open up to the universe

Now you can lay your hands, palms up, on your knees and tip each of your fingers together with the thumb (closing inner energy circles and receiving energy from all around)

Inhale good vibes and exhale bad spirits and energies and let the angels guide you through astral realms!

Connect with the holy spirit and god!

At the end of the meditation, you can wash your face and head symbolically with light from the source of all-and-all for coming down.

candlelight meditation
Soul retrieval

If you feel as if pieces of your soul have been ripped out or that you lost your little soul (child self) due to accidents or other traumatic incidents, and therefore are feeling sick or disoriented or frightened or somehow otherwise disabled by it, I recommend a soul retrieval.
If you lost your “big soul” (higher self or astral self) immediate action should be taken in retrieving it, because according to Peruvian shamans this can be a life-endangering situation.
Soul retrieval is best performed by a chosen in its community known shaman, healer or witch, but if you have no access to a shaman you can try and conduct a soul retrieval by yourself as described as follows:

You can use the above Meditation which you can perform with a slight variation:
If you say the prayer to your guardian angel, tell it in the prayer that you want to restore your soul or to find your little or your big soul again. Then revisit the situation where you know or felt the incident happened in your mind by visualizing the situation. If you can’t think of that situation if you’ve forgotten or don’t know exactly where or when it happened, empty your mind and wait for the angels to give you the picture/vision of that situation. Now breathe in (“the situation”) the pieces of your soul or ask your angel to get the lost pieces in order to fix you and breathe out the hurt, pain and bad energies. Repeat that as long as necessary. If you feel better and done, slowly come to an end of the meditation and say praise and thanks to your angels and dear god.
Maybe drink something you like most (maybe not alcoholic beverages) and try to sleep a little.
Healer search site

Soul retrieval
Channeling (up (oobe) and down (energy))

Channeling can go both directions, up which resembles an out of body experience, and down which resembles an energy channeling into your body and/or the world/ earth around you.
You might want to try the channeling techniques during the “My way of Meditation…”-meditation (which is described on my site) because it gives you some kind of security experiencing extreme states of consciousness.
First the easier technique of channeling down (energy channeling):
In the prayer, to the angels, you can state your wish and ask them helping you trying to channel energy into your body and/or the world/earth. After the prayer and calming your mind, visualize a channel opening from heavens down to your crown chakra and ask God to send some healing energy for you and the world/earth, guide that energy into your body and through your chakras into the world and through your root chakra into the earth.
Second is the channeling up (oobe) which you might not want to try with other techniques such as channeling down, because you might get confused, and it is also very difficult to perform:
State your wish in your prayers to the angels and after calming down your mind, visualize a bigger channel opening up above your head, big enough to “climb/fly” through. Now ask your angels if they might want to help you leave your body and “climbing”, if your “shy” about it, or “flying” through the channel into astral realms, and also help coming back into your body.

Chakra cleansing(work)

If you feel sick or “dirty” in your main chakra system (see spirituality page of my blog site), it may not be even in your main chakras but possibly also in your side-chakras, you can conduct the following little chakra cleansing ritual:

You may be sitting, lying or even standing, that is not too important, but you should be in a relaxed state of mind.
Now form a “claw” with your hand as if you were holding a ball. Preferably start with your base chakra. Move that “claw” counterclockwise (“being the chakra the clock”) in front of the chakra to be cleansed and visualize the “sick” or “dark” energy being sucked into that “claw”. If you feel the chakra being cleansed throw that bad energy into the universe and let the universe get the rest of the job done.
Finally, now you should “heal” or fill your chakras with light. Form a flat hand and move your flat hand clockwise (“being the chakra the clock”) in front of the cleansed chakra and visualize and the to it belonging color light according to the rainbow chakra system channeling from your crown chakra through your spine, arm and hand, floating and filling your cleansed chakra.
Possibly repeat that with all main chakras and maybe with all side chakras.
(Smoke a ciggie afterward 😉 )

Chakra cleansing
Kundalini Meditation

If you want to heal your Karma and try to activate your chakras in order to get somehow “enlightened” (Baba Ram Dass says, that sometimes it takes mor then one lifetime to get really enlightened) you might try a Kundalini Meditation which is described as follows:

You might wanna try “My way of Meditation…” (which is described on the “spiritualized ‘psychos'”, “spirituality” and “spiritualized medicine” pages of my blog site), but leave out the parts with the “psychedelics” and the part with “good vibes music”, and try the meditation sober and in total silence.

When it comes to the prayer to your angels part, ask the angels in the prayer to help activate your chakras and put some light according to the colors of the rainbow into your chakras and guide you further through the meditation process.
Also, you should use the following breathing technique (circular breath):
Breathe deep through your nose and visualize guiding the breath from your nose to your third eye on your forehead further to your crown chakra and then down your spine in your back along the chakras in your spine down onto and into your base chakra, and then breathe out softly, guiding your breathe from the base chakra in front of your body along your main chakras to and out your mouth.
Repeat that as often as it “feels” good.
You also should have had some “psychedelic” experience, maybe with the Mazatek Velada (described on my “spiritualized ‘psychos'” and “spiritualized medicine” pages of my blog site), and accompany your meditation trys, with studying of holy scriptures to also prepare, repair and heal your mind, so that you are prepared and don’t get overwhelmed by the experiences of a Kundalini awakening, because a Kundalini awakening might be accompanied by extreme experiences of visions and maybe out of body experiences or other extreme experiences (e.g. NDE).
So the Kundalini Meditation somehow is the “Rolls Royce” of meditations and highly energetic and so after the meditation, you might maybe want to smoke a ciggie or drink a valerian root tea for calming and coming down.
(Of course, the Meditation possibly won’t enlighten you the very first time!)

Kundalini Meditation
Meditation and Quantum Entanglement

Maybe there can be a quantum entanglement in the body while meditating on the self and god, that leads to a synchronization of all quants in the body (synchronization of cell quanta), so healing the body (as God being a healing principle),  and even changing the quanta state to energy status (God is light) and so transforming the body to energy being status!

quantum meditation

Some spiritualist, maybe even some Buddhists, but at least most of the nde’ers, claim, that thoughts manifest in one form or the other, but mostly in energies or other manifestations of energy (vibrations).
An analogy in science would be that thoughts are quanta states of nerve quanta and can be a waveform (energy), and thus have, through quantum entanglement or electromagnetic induction, an influence on the world and on other people

That is also why a lot of the new age and spiritual and Buddhist etc. people recommend a mindfulness meditation, in order to control oneselves thoughts, and make the world a better place, by not influencing it with negative thoughts.
Maybe we should influence it with positive thoughts, and out of it following positive actions.


Approach to other realities

If you encounter other realities and their inhabitants, and thought constructs and fantasies coming of such realities and beings, may it be in a psychedelic travell, or in an unsought for (sober) entering in other realities, or maybe through (Kundalinin) meditation or some devotional practices or some dreaming practices (lucid etc.), you should encounter such worlds/realities (states of the mind) with equanimity and without fear, and relatively neutral, though it might not be possible in such altered states of mind, and most important without judging and assessing these realities/worlds, in order not to go nuts.
How can one achieve to be in an equnimous etc. state as in the above described?
Some recommend yoga or meditation or other forms of selfcontrol management techniques.
E.g. Try to overcome and let go of your fear of (altered) ir/realities by observing the situation and saying “ah this is this and that”, not judging, just experiencing, maybe face/embrace the situation with joy and loving.
Calm your emotions.
Or when encountering beings from other realities, being polite and asking “how can i help”, and maybe fulfilling such asked tasks i f their no threat to others or self.
But if it is too intense, you might wanna come down some how by “medical” means (see also pages “spiritualized medicine” and “spiritualized ‘psychos'”) or by just going into daylight or if it’s night, light some candles or electric light, or trying to sleep with some “medical” (s.a.) assistance and some good vibes music on.


Talking World

The spiritualist shamans and possibly “psychos” perception/impression, that sometimes the whole world is talking to them, showing itself  in even animals, or plants, and in extreme cases walls and e.g. tv-set are talking to them, could possibly be of the circumstance that in the case of living beings, as animals and plants, them having souls/spirits, and in the case of unanimated objects spirits are assigned to such objects, because as you might have experienced on some psychedelic “trip”, unanimated objects are just vibrating as some kind of energy.
But when it comes to such entities as the sun or the earth, believed by some to be living entities, talking to us, one might really get the impression, that the sun and the earth are living beings, when they are talking them seeming to have a persona, and not just attached with spirits.

Talking World
Talking World

To converse with the spirit realm

Meet everybody if possible on the same “Augenhöhe” (meet everybody, may it be the president, the janitor, the spirit, or the demon with the same attitude/respect if possible), therefore you’ll get respect from the spirits/demons/angels etc. and help the fallen spirits be better and reach heavenly realms out of earthly or hellish realms.
Acknowledge the voices, but don’t pay too much attention to them if they’re evil, but you should acknowledge that as perfectly normal!
The spirits can look beautiful in their blackness as well as scary and can be child-spirits, sometimes also golden light angels, and white light angels, and sometimes even the human form of the almighty!
The angels can choose their size according to their task from gigantic to really tiny and are of golden light or white light mostly taking the shape of women (sometimes with wings) or child angels.
Don’t feel overwhelmed or surprised just acknowledge them as present and being a part of your life!
You should acknowledge the Infos from the other side from good spirits as valid!
Sometimes these messages have to be interpreted and not taken literally!
The spirits that you can see, seldom talk to you , but have a telepathic connection, where “You Know” what they want from you, and you maybe can fulfill their wish if it is not a danger to you or to others, you can also communicate in the form of energy feelings/vibes of love or sadness.
Sometimes a simple wish of spirits is that you simply eat something, and that is because the spirits eat “through” you, to just fulfilling their earthly pleasures!
The enemies, though, maybe are spirits/demos that serve the enemy (black magic societies) or astral bodies of sorcerers of these societies, which fight “psychos” because of their gifts, and these gifts being able to destroy the power structures of such black magic societies, which hold up the current “Society system”.
Withstand the attacks of such societies and their sorcerers and demons, so that the bad voices or spirits let you be.
The dark side also took hold of psychiatry and its biomedical paradigm, and a lot of “psychos” buy into it, because their first “help” was from psychiatry!
Try to withstand psychiatry and their pseudo-wisdom!
The most important thing with bad voices is, first try to not let “it get near you” so that it doesn’t hurt your heart/soul, and lead you into self-destruction.
The second thing is to take up conversations with the voices, and try to find out their intent, and maybe help them get to the light!
To not let “it get near you”, i recommend meditation, so that you can look on a situation “from afar”, secondly ask them if they want to turn to the good side, and if so, you can let them into your home and near you, but if they don’t want to behave, tell them to leave your house and yourself, and if they still don’t obey, and still attack you, you can ask your personal guardian angel for help to get rid of them!
Everybody has at least one personal guardian angel!
They are high spirit guides working to help us, to elevate, to protect, heal and to love us!
They help with meditation (guidance through spirit / astral realms), and with love, healing, and protection!
One way of calling your angel is, by saying a prayer and making the cross symbol (catholic ritual [to make a cross sign from head to belly and the shoulders with your hand]).

We could call ourselves psychic (ordinary psychics [new agers or whatever] have an arrogant stance towards us “psychos” and think we must get “healed”, that’s why we don’t identify with them/that), but with calling us “psychos” coming from psychosis, we also embrace the struggle and torture of psychiatry, being a part of our lives!
And we are proud (Mad Pride) of that and
that we survived it!

spirit realm

Spiritual Identification and its Sources

Spiritual people and especially “psychos” take refuge in identification with special categories of people and an identification with the subscribed traits.
These are e.g.:
Crystal child, Indigo Child, Star child/seed, Rainbow child, Angel (child), Shaman, Healer, Witch, Sage, Mage, Mystic, Prophet, Saint, Lamb, Prophet etc.
Spiritual people and especially “psychos” getting their Infos through visions, voices, other expanded perceptions and extraordinary thought constructs about such identifications mostly by the following sources:
Information transfer (telepathy) by the minds of people or their higher self/astral body/spirit/energy body or their lower self/subconsciousness, angels/spirits/demons either from this reality or heavenly or hellish spiritual realities from this multiverse including parallel dimensions or parallel universes or from other multiverses and their parallel dimensions and universes and of course from spiritual and divine realities, animals and plants and beings from said (s.o.) worlds, AI from said (s.o.) worlds (mostly radio or tv like apparatuses from higher dimensions), and of course from our dear good God (Tao/God/Cosmic mind), etc.

Star child

Ask Questions

Always ask questions, either facing the Tao of reality or the Tao of alternate and spiritual realities or the Tao of infinity, if the enemy questions you or your reality trying to conquer or consume you with twisting of the tao, but you have different knowledge or intuition regarding the tao and the enemy trying to destroy you. Trust yourself and your life experiences as part of the all-and-all/almighty. Facing the enemy and it trying to bring you of off your path, rely on your knowledge and question the enemy back.

Ask Questions

A way of a spiritual healer

Try to overcome unnatural fear of your true self and the obstacles which hinder your spiritual path, and walk the way of love.
If there is a massive intuitive fearful hindering force, don’t try to ram that wall with your head.
Natural intuitional fear is a good guide, don’t try to destroy that!
Open up and connect with nature and the universe and let its energy and force flow through you, but don’t forget to ground yourself by putting your root/s into the earth, and let it flow from above to below and receive some healing peace from earth, that you don’t get swept away, and also heal mother earth.
Pray and meditate.
Listen to your heart and intuition but never forget to think.
If you feel that spirits or the spirit or someone is seeking for help, try to follow that urge to help other than there might be a massive hindering force, don’t try to ram that wall with your head.
In love, you can heal the spirits that come seeking you.
Make friends with them and pray for them and teach them to pray and turn to their guardian angel.
Maybe now you can heal by making little sacred ceremonies with prayers and smudging and it that connection by opening up to the other side and putting your hands, following your intuition and feelings, on the patient and act as a channel for the healing energy and vibes of  mother nature, the universe, the spirit of the angels, the holy spirit and god.
With your hands, you can also resolve bad energy and energy blocks using your intuition and feeling.
You can also enter the sick person with your spirit/mind or let its spirit enter you and resolve energy blocks and bad energy.
Or like shamans resolve energy blocks by sucking bad energy out of them with a cigarette or with your mouth and replace it with positive energy.
Release the bad energy out of you, either through your mouth or your root/s and put some light in you and the patient.
To help against black magic attacks and to help heal spirits and people, you can  also sprinkle some water in your house or on the patients/spirits in the direction where you feel it is needed, this also applies for tobacco sacrifices, where it also acts as a gift to the all-and-all, and a fertility aid.

spiritual healer

Regarding healing

In Huautla de Jimenez, I heard of Curandera/os, which healed HIV, Cancer, Shortsightedness, Psychological Strains and other severe illnesses with the help of the Ninos Santos (Holy Mushrooms (psilocybin/psilocin)).
The Curandera I met also heard voices and had visions, and it was told, that she could see Auras.
I also saw Spiritual Healers heal Allergies and uneven legs.
One healer witnessed, that if she wouldn’t be mentored by another healer, she surely would have ended up in the looney bin, due to the nightly visions she had.
One healer I met in Guate told me that she had to be picked by a mentor among others, because the mentor had either signs with her, or could see her talent for healing.
So the feeling of being “a chosen one” in “psychos” is not uncalled-for.
My Curandera in Huautla also saw three Angelitos each on my shoulder and on my head, which were a sign for her, that I’m a healer too.


How to conduct a Healing Velada
(Mazatek sacred Holy Mushroom ceremony)


You should only conduct Healing Veladas for other people if you did the same for yourself and are experienced and have some kind of empathic skills or aura vision or other insights into the spirit world. Chosen shamans should do a Velada for themselves only once a year at their birthday


~You should have some kind of altar, maybe some table or cupboard, with references to your deity or your spiritual master or your spiritual guide, maybe a statue of an angel or crosses or buddhas or statue of Krishna or an eye of god or something else that represents your kind of spirituality. This is also important later to put the offerings for the deity and the incense materials and flowers, the water and the mushrooms on.
~Of course you should acquire the most important for the ceremony the Ninos Santos (Holy Mushrooms (psilocybin/psilocin)), preferably fresh ones.
Either you collect them yourself
(Wiki article with map)
if they grow in your region,
or you grow them in a grow box which can be obtained here:
~(Maybe a prayerbook)
~(Maybe a source for music, maybe from a pc/laptop or a stereo system)
~Buy fruits and little cookies or cakes that will serve as offerings for the deity
~Buy flowers as decoration for your altar and offerings to the deity and maybe will be used in the ceremony as a tool
~You need incense preferably copal or frankincense (of course a vessel where you smudge it, with the help of special smudging coal, in)
~You need candles
~You need a bucket where the sick person can throw up “the bad energies”/”sickness” into
~A bowl with fresh water
~A bed or a mattress with a blanket
~A lighter or better matches
~cold coca-cola or cooked coffee
~Preferably cocoa beans or hot chocolate

Preparations for the shaman conducting the ceremony:

~refrain from sex a few days before until the ceremony
~stay in nature for a few hours daily a week before until the Velada to collect strength
~eat (meat) before the ceremony for strength
~Never have sex when consuming mushrooms
~Sleep well before a Velada, because the Velada should take place in the evening and can last up to 8 hours

Preparations for the Patient:

~refrain from sex a few days before until the ceremony
~fast a little shortly before the ceremony
~Never have sex when consuming mushrooms
~Sleep well before a Velada because the Velada should take place in the evening and can last up to 8 hours and it is not advised sleeping during a Viaje
~Don’t take meds the day of the Velada only if they are necessary for your survival

Conducting the Velada:

Prepare your altar by arranging  the flowers, preferably in a vase, put the Ninos Santos on the altar, preferably on some (banana) leaves, put the fruits and the cake/cookies on the altar, on a plate, put the bowl of water on the altar, put the cigarettes on the altar, put the cocoa beans or the hot chocolate on the altar, put the candles in candleholders on the altar and of course the vessel with the smudging coal and the copal/frankincense. Arrange everything beautifully.
Bless the altar with the Velada elements and ask your God or your spiritual guide/role model, maybe with a prayer, to do the same!

Veladas shouldn’t be held in too hot or too cold weather, so if there’s no way around, in summer tilt the windows and in winter turn on the heating, so that it is cozy and comfortable.
The Velada should start at about 7 o’clock pm (19.00 o’clock) and ideally last until midnight, and if it is not already dark, you should put down the shades, because the dark room shall support the visions the patient and/or the shaman gets.
Patient and shaman should never be on a Viaje at the same time!

Lead the patient into the room and advise him to sit on the bed/mattress. Put the bucket for throwing up next to the bed.
Light the candles and put out the electric light.
Light the smudging coal and start to smudge with copal or frankincense, put the smudging vessel and the Ninos near the patient. Say a prayer to God aloud and “smudge” the Ninos over the smoke. Talk aloud to the Ninos and ask them to heal the patient’s sickness, by a little prayer and telling them the patients sickness.
Now tell the patient to “smudge” him/herself by taking the smoke with the hands and spreading it over the head and upper body, the shaman should do the same.
Now give the patients a cocoa bean to eat or a little hot chocolate to drink (paying the entrance) and give the patient one preferably fresh Mushroom after another. Tell the patient to eat slowly and to chew very well. Ask the patient to tell you when the effects start to show up and stop giving mushrooms when the Viaje begins.
Give the patient another two cocoa beans or more hot chocolate to drink.
Say a prayer aloud and if you find it acceptable play some “Love” music (not sexual, preferably meditation music) on your equipment or sing or make music some other how during phases (when you feel the urge) of the Velada.
Now tell the patient to lay down on the bed and cover him with the blanket, put out the candles (for better visions of both) and sit near the patient.
The shaman should now listen to the spirits, angels and/or god and/or watch the patients aura and/or “Feel” what’s going on to take care of difficult situations and tell also the patient to alarm you of difficult situations because maybe they’re too subtle to recognize.
Now let the patient have his Viaje and only disturb if you feel an urge to, or get the information about problems otherwise.
If a problem arises light the candles and talk with the patient and ask the otherworld for instructions to help (you might get the info in visions or voices or feelings).
If the patient has to throw up the “sickness”/”bad energy” support his struggle in a positive way by holding his head with your hand on the forehead.
If the Viaje is too dangerous or too intense (massive horror visions) to continue, give the patient coca-cola or sweet coffee to drink to abort the Viaje.
But if you fixed the problem you can sing a little song or make music or say a prayer and put out the candles.
Near the end (about 4 to 5 hours) light the candles, say a prayer, light a cigarette and suck with the cigarette the sickness out of the body of the patient and blow some of your cigarettes “holy” smoke on the patient. Offer the patient a cigarette and if he/she accepts it, smoke your cigarette together with the patient, otherwise smoke alone. Now sprinkle a little of the water on the patients head and body and if you get the information somehow, you can baptize in the name of a holy saint (maybe John the baptizer) with putting water in to the calyx of a flower and say a prayer and baptize him/her with the water from the flower calyx in the name of the saint and welcome him/her to the Mazatek Mushroom Church.
Now you both are allowed to eat a little of the offered cakes/cookies of the offerings.
Last but not least offer the patient coca-cola or sweet coffee with cinnamon in it for finally coming down.
Let the patient sleep in the bed!
On the next day you can bury the offerings (not the flowers) in the earth as a final offer to the Gods and Mother Earth and talk about and discuss the visions of the Velada with the patient and aks the “other side” or your personal knowledge for further instructions for healing (you might get visions or voices), maybe in form of herbs or other means.
“Be there” for the patient also a few days after the Velada and listen to his worries.


Old wisdom of witches, shamans, and healers

It can’t be other than that in ancient times, the first chosen ones (witches, shamans, and healers) were instructed by the spirit world, that the plants could talk/communicate with them, and the plants than telling the chosen ones of their healing properties, so that herb wisdom could be build up, and the witches, shamans and healers could heal with the aid of the plants, if the personal healing powers weren’t sufficient or needed support.

talking plants

The Secret

My Holy-Mushroom Curandera told me, that the Ninos (Santos) (=Holy Mushrooms [psylocibin/psylocin}) gonna teach you everything you need to know, or you just maybe ask your spirit guid (Angel), higher self (Intuition) or the cosmic mind (God/Tao mind)!



Everybody (!) is special and possesses their own medicine/talent/mission/uniqueness they can act out given from the almighty!
Supported by NDE’ers , by my experiences in life and, my angels and my medicine wo/men I met in the Americas!


The shortest path sometimes is not the best path!

Terence Mckenna: “The western mind and society is a house of cards and the people that built that system know that and that we (the “psychos”, shamans, saddhus, etc.) could, with our gifts, bring that house of cards down!”

Nothing is normal ! A Koan Non Koan !
Nothing is normal ! A Koan Non Koan !

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